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On July 2nd or 3rd, 2008, My wife and I went to Menard's to purchase a new washing machine. The salesman was helpful in closing the deal, however, we were told that we first had to go to delivery scheduling to set a delivery date.

I am 68 and my wife 65. When I got to deliver scheduling, way across this huge store, I had to wait about 20 min to get waited on. After I scheduled the delivery, they sent me on to another station for approval. When I got to the check out, they told me I couldn't checked out and sent me elsewhere.

I cancelled my purchase. To this day, I haven't heard the first apology from Menards.

I will never do business with them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Deal.

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well, smaller hardware stores don't have much of a choice but to fervently sell "service" over selection and price. big box stores have the luxury of buying power and huge selections, so you see stores like lowe's and HD with slogans such as "you can do it, we can help", and "let's build something together".

they really try to emphasize the service, as they already know their pricing is in a virtual dead heat.

in a smaller store, i'd bet you pay your associates more than a big box store pays its' employees. this is because they are supposed to know specific things about the products they sell, and to carry a certain amount of professionalism along with them. places like menards hire the high school kid looking for a job because he's cheap, and he can consistently stock the shelves without making a mess.

that's all that's really required at a store like that. everything balances out in the end.

you pay for what you get.

and thanks to everyone for the gracious compliments/opinions. a round of beer on me--for the house!


Man, I have been reading some of the back and forth in the last week. I do not work there, as it seems that a few of you do. I will express my opinion though, but from recent history, I will probably be called names for it.

The arguments between Fella and Anti Fella got old, but I did find them entertaining and humorous at times. My feelings on this was that Fella wants to rip eveyone who says a bad thing about Menards, Anti Fella did have some complaint about Menards but his beef was with Fella and others knocking people for being upset. I have to agree with Anti Fella on that one. Why is eveyones complaint attack so viciously with name calling, making fun of elderly people, telling them to use oxygen etc? I thought at first it was just Fella, but it now seems that Cashier and I work there also have a beef about everyone and think that Fella is some type of folk hero, I do not get it.

The other point that I got out of the argument was "is this the best way to build customer relations and make customers think that Menards cares about them?" Man, it sure doesnt to me, I own a small hardware store, I compete the best I can, the one thing I do offer is service and demand it from all of my associates. If one of my employees had the attitiude that some of the workers from Menards have on here, well, they would find themselves looking for a new job. I can not compete on selection, do not pretend that I can, but service I can. If this board is any kind of representation of what service really is there or at Lowes or Home Depot, well, I feel sorry for people who shop at anyone one of them.

Keep up the *** arguments, you make it entertaining for an occasional visit to this site, as far as who wins, who loses? Who cares... it is a board to express opinions and nothing but, the name calling.....seems pretty childish to me. ....and just for old times sake, since he is gone...."clean up in aisle 6 fella, you had best get busy.." :)

My story barely has six aisles.... yes, we are small, but you *** well bet your last buck we will give you service and we wont make fun of you when you leave or call you names....


I think I'm kinda gonna miss hearing clean up in aisle 6.

And fella, we do make fun of all the *** But we do it to all the *** so its ok.

And Anti-fella is pathetic and sad, but at least he clung to his hatred of Fella, so there is some twisted nobility in his massively excessive torpedoing of averything Fella wrote.

Lets call a spade a spade here folks, we go on this site to express our goofy little opinions and chances are most people will take exception with the drivel coming out of the old crt. At least I am self confident enough to realize that half of what I write is intended to be funny and half is just plain wrong and the last half is trying to shed light on something that is easily fixable regarding your menards experiences.

Why does anyone bother to complain about what some dillbag wrote in a blog?


I wonder if you aren't the same type of customer that walks into the grocery store and expects thier cart to be magicaly filled without walking through the store. Yes, the deliveries are set up at a different area than the sales desk.

From there you would go directly to the registers--no approval needed unless you were applying for credit. The credit approval is done by the entrance door and you could have done that when you walked in the store. I expect you took the credit approval and your invoice to the return desk which is next to the credit computer.

No, they don't make sales at the return desk and you were asked to go to the register area. Quit complaining.


absolutely cannot say it any better than you just did, Cashier. hopefully certain people begin to catch on.


I am so tired of how old people act. It's not our fault that you can't keep up with what is going on.

These are the policies. Follow the policies or don't shop there.....pure and simple.


what do you think reporting is gonna accomplish you *** ***? think i'll get banned?

HAHAHAHAHA you're hilarious and pathetic all at the same time.

holy ***, i'll have to change my name to something else! i'm scared now!


dear notsayin, I agree with you, I am done, it is not a competition and I know I have not always sounded totally sane, but I dont know how us to try and relate to a *** like this. He attacks everyone, here is a complaint by a 69 year old man, and he makes some pretty rude remarks.

Read and show me one place where he has not attack someones complaint. I will leave it at that. Sorry I cluttered up the board trying to argue with Fella. I guess he will be left alone on the boards to badger every complaint and make it personal with everyone.

By the way, I did report him, and myself, if we both get banned from the board, then just as well. I stated my complaint and was going to move on until I was attacked by him....

it is just hard for me to walk away from an ***, but for the sake of everyone else, I will. I am sure that he will even attack this post, more power to the loser.


or i could just continue doing what i have been doing, and you can sit there and watch. maybe even cry about it a little. your choice.


why don't you take your pathetic bickering to email? If you or anyone else are going to make yourselves sound like blubbering idiots then don't act suprised when you are called out for it.


either partake in the conversation or get out. we don't need your useless opinions.

this is between me and anti-fella, so please see yourself out. thanks.


Oh God,don't start this *** again. Reading the arguments between you 2 guys is like watching a slap fight between 2 5th graders. Obviously neither one of you have really got too far in life or you would be able to make a coherent argument.


this is a very nice, respectful post. Why are you so hateful?

Why are you so defensive of Menards? This is one of the most ignorant, disrespectful post I have ever seen. To the point where I am reporting you. Do you really work for someone else and are just trying to get people to hate Menards?

If so, you are doing a pretty good job of it.

May I ask, which college do you attend?

Or did you say you were working on a GED? Please answer that for me.


wow, here you are again, attacking another customer, calling names and making fun of them. Actually, I bet you hate Menards, your deep down goal is just to make as many other people hate them also....

hmmm, that is a new tactic.

You sure were showing respect to this gentleman.... you are a sad example of a human being.


uh, what? the checkouts magically said they couldn't ring you up for some unknown reason and sent you "somewhere else"?

kinda sounds like you're withholding some information here.

and the store isn't as big as you say. maybe bring your oxygen tank next time so you aren't huffing and puffing your way around. far be it for there to be a line at the delivery desk, where the employee is working his butt off just to make sure you don't whine your old *** at the manager.

what's a fossil like you gonna do with a washing machine? didn't you do it by hand in your day?