West Bend, Wisconsin

On April 17,2010, I purchased all the materials to build a 30' x 16' deck attached my house for $2,124.00. I hung the joists and found that I could use 6 more 16' 2 x 8 boards instead of some boards that were delivered.

On Saturday, May 1, I made arrangements with my daughter to get am pick-up truck to return lumber and excess hardware. I returned the following;

2- 2x8x8's, 3-2xs8x14's. 2 stair risers, 3 stair treads, and 8m pounds of assorted nails. Then load was heavy. We unloaded the lumber onto a cart and wheeled it into the Store.

When I got in the store, I realized I forgot my receipt. I talked to a clerk who ID'd herself as Lynn and explained that I forgot the receipt and that I didn't have the credit card that I purchased the deck stuff with. She explained that I would get less of a value on my return without the receipt or the card. Lynn was very polite and courteous. I told her that I lived no farther that 15 minutes from the store and could get the receipt if I could leave my return goods on the cart at the return area. She said that she couldn't make that decision.

I asked to talk to a manager. Lynn pointed to a guy. I said "excuse me," and he rudely said "I'm the Manager". Lynn told me he was called "JD". He must have been listening to the conversation between Lynn and I. I re-explained the receipt situation and asked him if I could leave the stuff on the cart while I went home to get the receipt. With no verbal recognition of my explanation, he walked around the counter to look at the load on the cart. He came back to me at the counter and said; " I have other customers here to be concerned about and he was rude! You have to load it back on you truck and take it with you when you go to get the receipt. That stuff was heavy and I'm a recently recovering cancer patient. I responed by saying; "That's ridiculous. I'm a customer too, am I not?" My daughter was also irate and went to look for a general manager with more authority. I left the load on the cart and drove home to get the receipt.

My daughter came back to the return desk with a GM, who told her that JD handled the situation improperly and poorly. We are customers and should be treated as such. The GM had conversation with JD.

Seriously, JD did use very poor judgement and consumer service skills. Saying that I had to load that stuff back of the truck was ridiculous! He needs some training on people skills.

I've been a long time customer of Menard's and always pleased with your products. My wife and I spent around another $900.00 yesterday on lattice materials to finish the deck and on a 4 piece patio furniture set for the deck. In '93, we built a sun room on our old house with all Menard's materials for about $18,000.

Thank you for listening and sincerely, Bob Pechanach, 4619 Grouse Circle, Colgate, WI 53017 Cell: 414-659-0383

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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