Locust Dale, Virginia

$28,000 for Pole barn package, missing all the expensive lumber. I had to spend thousands more to complete building.

Paid for delivery only to have most of it dumped next to the road in front of my house. 200 yards from site. Missing so many things. Given wrong materials that I had to pay re-stockin fees on to get correct ones.

Any complant was given received the " too bad" that Menards do best. I was told not to use Menards but the prices were great. My $28,000 barn cost $34,500.


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I work there. If your in highschool you're their ***.


you're full of more *** than a clogged toilet. post the link to your "complaint".

this should be hilarious. no excuses!


you ***, where did I say I had no reason, i really do not think that you know how to read. I said a started a complaint earlier, I am not going to go through the whole thing again, I owe you no explanations, who the *** are you?

A part time stock boy in a blue vest doing cleanups... whoopee do...

As far as sex, boy, that was original, what do you do, read my post and copy me.... you are pretty funny along with being ***.

You win??? you win what, you are pretty ***, hateful and ignorant, You have never once answered why are you so defensive?


cool, so you're basically admitting you don't have a reason to hate menards. you've argued this whole time for no reason.

i bet menards has never done anything to you, but you felt you needed to unleash some senseless hate at the company. shame on you, sir. this means only one thing....

I WIN!!!!!

and come back to me when you have s-ex with something other than your hand. although at 65, i'm sure you're having trouble getting it up.


my complaint and why I hate them is in a previous post, go back and read them. I owe no explanation or anything else to a little twerp *** like you.

Who do you think you are and why do I owe you anything. I can say I hate them because of the blue vest, if that is my reason, that is my reason. Go back and read, I understand that is sometimes difficult with the IQ and mentality of someone like you. I do not care if you think I am credible or not, you are nothing but a punk.

Maybe someday you will get out of there, grow up and have a life, in the meantime, go ahead and spend your days defending the big bad Menards. Shouldnt a college kid be studying, getting laid or partying? I would guess that a nerd like you has never done the last two.....

If I had your email I would drop you a line and explain what they are.

Continue to reply, I am getting kick out watching you get mad .....ha,ha, ha,ha.....


i just think it's funny that you haven't specifically outlined why you hate menards. saying "look at the complaints" is not an answer, it's a cop-out.

if your next response doesn't tell why you hate this company, you've lost all credibility and have proven yourself an ***. time to put up or shut up, old timer.


Well ***, you showed your stupidity once again, go back and read any complaint that is posted on this website, any comment that you have made has been derogatory and mean spirited, name calling etc. So it is you showing who the real *** is.

Nobody has argued about your right to express an opinion, I think it is you who gets upset when someone is upset or doesnt like Menards. Me be 65? Where did you get that, not even close, I was close when I guessed you as being a kid though...ha. I am not trying to argue with you, but as you say, I have a freedom of speech the same as you.

Why do I hate Menards, I stated it early on a complaint, you attack me, call me ***, a *** and several other demeaning names, showing what an *** you truly are. In all honestly, I do not owe you any other explanation why I hate them. Why do you love them so much? Why is it a kids place, who works part time, doing your carryouts etc place to defend them so much?

You can see me frothing at the mouth, thats pretty funny, one you do not know me, two, I am sitting back laughing at you and your ignorance, while I do hate Menards and wont shop there, I think this is all pretty funny that a part time kid is getting so upset over someone attacking his employer... Guess you are as bad as anyone else, you do hate Lowes? Why, is it an inferiority complex or something? Good for them if they are partying, if you are a college student, maybe you should consider that rather than spending your evenings on the internet coming to the defense of Menards.

Why do I do this? As I stated, I have my own business, I am my own boss, I have access to the internet all day long at work and at home, I can do as I please, I check this board out to see what new *** thing you have said.... which is been often and alot.

Lets see, you even posted two times, must have thought of more to say, let me guess, Menards is grateful that alot of customers do not shop there, hmmm, is that covered in the stockboy meeting, or where did you hear this? I am sure that John Menard has gotten where he is by having that attitude....

I am sure he would send me a letter of appreciation. I bet if he actually read your defenses on hear, he would be so ever grateful to you as a stockboy that he might even give you a 10 cent raise....

My question to you is, why are you so concerned and why do you get so upset over a complaint or unhappy customer?

Dont you think that your energy and time would have been much better spent trying to solve a complaint and keeping a customer rather than calling the idiots, *** etc... go back and read many of the complaints, see how you actually have responded to them, see how many times you have called a customer a name etc....


and to add, i think menards is actually grateful when certain people lacking common sense don't frequent their stores anymore. it means less wasted time on pointless problems, and more time spent on those who actually have a clue about how everything works.

menards should be thanking you right now, because you are doing the company so much better by NOT shopping there, i think they ought to send you a letter of appreciation! great idea!

time to look into a good retirement home, old crumudgeon!


i actually only respond negatively to idiots who made their own problems at menards. if somebody sounds like a ***, you bet i will call them out on it.

i'm sorry you got butthurt when i gave my opinions, but this is america and i believe i'm allowed to do so. it really is pathetic that a 65 year old man is arguing with a college kid about something that shouldn't have started in the first place. and you STILL haven't mentioned specifically why you hate menards so much. i can practically see you frothing at the mouth at this point.

there is absolutely no way you can be as old as you are while making the salary that you do, and still insist on trolling a forum to argue with someone 1/3 your age.

this might be the saddest thing i have ever seen. what's even funnier, you insist on shopping at lowe's, even though their employees care more about what party they're going to after work than your needs. seems like you have your priorities mixed up, hoss.

reevaluate yourself, and come back to me when you've come to the realization that you no longer make sense, and there's nothing left for you to accomplish. good day!


you are a few years out of high school, that kind is obvious, your youth and inmaturity really show. I am glad that people come in, just to stand around and talk to you. Sounds like there are some people in your town that need to get a life. The day that I plan my day arouund going to Retards just to talk to a stock boy, well, sounds kind of boring to me.

I have insulted you for one reason, and one reason only, you insult everyone on the this board who does not like Menards, go back and read other complaints, you are nothing but an @sshole who cannot take it that your beloved Menards is not loved by all. You know nothing about me, now you are recommending me seeking help... maybe you should have gone to college, maybe you should get a degree and be a shrink. you obviously do not get it in the retail world... what makes a company tick.

For every $1000 you miss of mine, you get another $100,000, where did you get those numbers, up your *** figured you dug them out, you know, since your head was already up there.

I am very happy in my life, too bad you arent.

Cannot wait until the next complaint so that the Fella can tell that customer why he is wrong, and why he doesnt care if they shop elsewhere, ***, the whole world can shop elsewhere, I can run this store on my own, no customers to mess up things and take up my time....

great idea fella, what a tool you are.....


i suppose it's bad for you then that, for every customer who has a complaint to tell me about, there are 50 who leave with a smile and a nice thing to say about the store. i'm basically trying to let you know that you're in the minority, and a high amount of people disagree with your opinion.

they've made the choice to spend less money and get solid service, rather than needlessly pay more at another store that often just does not care. for every $1,000 you don't spend at menards, we get about an additional $100,000 from folks who get what they need and get their project going.

what's really satisfying is to have a bunch of people come in every day just to see you and talk to you. not only does it help sell, it feels great too. i think you're lacking some of that personal satisfaction in your life.

a man with your salary has no excuse.

and really, i'd be shocked if you weren't more mature than me. i'm a few years out of high school, and you're about retirement age. the fact you still use pathetic insults towards me highlights a disturbing issue you have.

i'm suggesting you talk to a professional to get it worked out. it's for your own good.


fella, it is quite obvious, you just do not get it. While I agree that $1000 is nothing to a mulit billion company, by the way, this is on top of the original $2000 that went to Lowes also, it is idea of trying to keep customers. You just do not understand.... I give up on you boy.

You ***, you would walk every customer out of the store and say who cares.

It is quite obvious that you are drunk, young and very inmature.... aside from all of the prior sophmoric name calling, you really just do not get it.

My hatred? Read prior post, the store is ran by a bunch of idiots, I will not be back, no, they will not miss me, but you know, if there are enough of us, they will eventually miss us as they close the doors. hmmm, throwing out a janitorial comment at me, what, nothing original coming from you, sounds like one of my remarks, you know, the aisle 6 thing. Comeback when you learn, comeback when you grow up, comeback when you finally do find your career and get on with life. In the meantime, be ready, for I will be on here following around your idiotic comments and defense of Menards like white on rice...


menards cares about your $1,000 like you care about lodging a coherent argument. in other words: it just isn't happening.

the company makes up that money in literally 2 minutes most days. your problems are not big enough or important enough to become menards' problems.

actually, i don't think you've mentioned why you dislike menards in the first place. what drives your fervent hatred? get fired from your nighttime janitorial shift?

that sucks, but it's really no reason to badmouth the company.

and yes, i'm always drunk. always.


First of all let me say that was not me, the ant- blue stuff... probably fella making me look bad.

I want to comment on the prior post, by the guy who works there... you are right, I did not mean offend all the other retail workers, as I stated, I worked in a major retail store for a few years. I was only attacking the Fella guy, who continued to attack me and others, calling us ignorant, ***, a *** etc because we expressed ill feelings towards Menards. He is a ***, (there, now you will read this) The *** is a very poor representative of any company, and turned me even more against the company he was trying to defend.

Man, was the story about the drunk chick with crabs a personal story or were you making that one up?

To those who were offended, I am sorry, to Fella, you are wrong son, and make sure you get that cleanup in aisle 6, sounds like the other guy has 7 and 9 covered (tic).

If you are going to defend your company, do it with some reasoning, not that everyone who has an issue with Menards is an ***, read most of the complaints on here, the posters are attacked, called names etc. The first rule you must learn in retail is the customer is the most important asset you have, you must treat them right, right is right, and wrong is wrong. The customer is not always right, but when in doubt, give them their due.

I worked retail, look back think how *** it was to make it difficult over some minimal amount of money. Menards claims that they would have lost $30 on my sale, tough, your add, not mine, but I can tell you since then, you have lost almost another $1000 in sales to me in paint, some lumber and other items..... gone, and gone forever.

I think I will have a beer tonite and laugh about it all, I was laughing as I went all along, Fella is a ***, there, I used the word three times, just for you...


Blue Vest (retail) U suck

Blue Uniform (navy) U suck

Blue Uniform (police) U suck

Blue Scrubs (doctor) U suck

Blue Uniform (sports teams) U suck

Anyone who wears blue sucks its that simple, I AM BETTER THEN EVERYONE


I also get to wear a blue polo shirt, a blue oxford, and sometimes even a t-shirt. I'm also proud to report that I have successfully completed the training program that allows me to do cleanups on aisles 7-9.

Holy moly, you two *** are totally nutso! I think I've got to get out the proverbial hose and spray you all down.

This is a blog. It is intended to promote the exchange of ideas. What usually happens is this--someone writes a complaint. Someone else looks at it and writes oh yeah, that sucks, or they write you're a ***. Either way, there is some merit to the passing on of ideas.

The two of you have managed to take something fun and kind of neat, in the sitting at home in your basement typing all by yourself kind of way, and turned it into a travesty.

Fella, and Anti-Fella, you two should be ashamed of yourselves. The amount of time you both spent writing those non-sensical ramblings could have been much better used by simply donating your cpu time to SETI and drinking a beer instead.

You both are right trying to defend your points, but it just got so tiring trying to scroll down the screen looking for something interesting. Fella, I'm shocked that you fell for this guys ***. Anti-Fella, I'm disturbed by you're obsession with proving fella wrong (which he is, by the way. you got hosed on the shingles. we weren't supposed to pull any pricing from printed advertising on roofing).

You also have to back off your stance on retail a bit, dude. There are a ton of people who depend on retail to feed the bambinos and pay the mortgage, the type of people that Mick would call salt of the earth. Just because you work retail doesn't make you a retard. You need to chill out, or you'll probably be the guy with a waiter peeing in his soup. Making fun of people who are this close to the bottom comes with its own set of perils.

I kept hoping that by the end of this ordeal, there would be something to show for it, but it feels like when you take the drunk chick home, and shes still there in the morning, and it turns out that she wasn't really all that hot, and she keeps asking if youve seen her crabs medication. Again.

By the way, I really don't care what either of you two loonies have to say about this. Unless it has the word *** in it.


Ha, I have been reading the little battle going on here. I must agree with some of the last post, I assume a nuertral party.

Stores do make mistakes, including Menards, must agree with Anti fella on this one though. It does not sound like Menards has made alot of attempts to correct their errors in many of these situations. As far as the last comment about if you do not get a resolution, then that is what these boards are for, I agree, but it seems like everytime someone does post a complaint, from what I have read on here, they get drowned out and called names by a couple of Menards employees trying to defend them.

I have come on here to read a complaint and see what the issues are, not read how great they are.

This one goes to Anti-fella. It is getting old though...


Neither one of us know a darn thing about what we are talking about. WE both realize that retail business make mistakes, and Menards is sometimes guilty as well.

HOWEVER Menards is willing to rectify the situation to the best of its ability, and should be judged on its Managers decsions per each location. If the consumer is not happy then they should in fact make there situation heard with a complaint form on the website.


just as well, I was getting kind of bored dealing with a young small mind. It is quite obvious that you are a brain washed tool of Menards. You havent proven one point of yours, other than you like the blue vest that you wear.

I will be around, waiting for the next complaint, waiting to see how you twist and turn that one into it being the customers mistake and how *** he is.... you know, you are nothing but a punk and a very, very poor represntative of a company like Menards. If they support half the things that you say on here, then shame on them, for they are even worse than I thought.

Good day...........


sorry, i just can't take the rehashed, 1st grade insults anymore. i feel if i'm going to argue with somebody, they should at least be up to my level. too bad for you i guess.