Denver, Colorado

Duluth Mn.hwy53 store. Went there for some plumbing parts, found bins of valves with at least 4-5 different part #'s in each specified bn. Caused a huge delay i my task. Maybe it should say K-MART otside instead. Straighten your stuff out. May not ever come back. Took only 2 trips of 18 miles. I complained to the department on duty. Said it was the customers fault they wer mixed up. I thiught it was his job to keep things organized. His name was Tony. Seems like a management problem down to the department manager and his staff. The Home Depot or maybe even good OL DOUBLE DOLLAR DENNY'S gets my money next time. Shame on you Menards

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Our stuff in clean and sorted. Its *** that keep moving *** and tossing it in other bins.

We have tens of thousands of items in plumbing alone and for 5-6 people to keep it all straight is a challenge. Go to home depot we don't *** care, we actually prefer it!


oh big whoop di doo... jesus christ...

have you ever seen how many items menards has... the guy might have one, maybe two helpers in the WHOLE dept.... they have to stock the shelves / help customers / answer the phones / walk a customer to a dept all the way across the store for help or show the customer where something is because most people (probably you) are too friggin' lazy to look for it yourself cut the guy some slack... i used to work at menards, so I KNOW the last thing the poor guy has time for is to keep valves straight...

maybe if you see someone messing it up say something...

sometimes people do that on purpose, i've seen it... you know he has hundreds if not thousands of items to keep track of UNDERSTAND THAT you *** whiner....


Thank Dennis Dixon for slashing plumbing's payroll from literally double the amount it was 8 years ago. It is Tony's job to keep the store clean, but Tony has soooo much other important stuff to do too.

They need a lot more team members, but the guest service at their stores has gone down tremendously. Ever notice that Lowe's has many many more team members working?