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nothing new, I came in with mask, did my shopping, went to check out, the cashier was talking n i guess she was smiling, she even made a joke or 2, but when it was time for me to pay, she got up set with me , I was paying with cash, She then proceeded to act all weird and demanding that I cover my whole entire face up I looked at her said no I'm not going to cover up my whole face, while you have to its the law , technically no it's not the law because I do know the law on the face covering mask, she demanding that I cover up my whole face, she got up set I ask for a manager no manager never showed up I end up leaving the store without making my purchase that was a $300 order the one guy that did show up said "oh well" the manager said you had to cover up your whole face, if that's what the cashier wants, you lost out on a $20000-3**** year customer I will never come back to menards under any circumstances

User's recommendation: learn the LAW, If your that scared then go home, and stay home.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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It’s not law, it is store policy boomer. Don’t like it? Open your own store.


No, it was my whole face, she wanted covered, I wear the mask over nose n mouth, like we are to do, not my whole face


You go Karen. You don’t have your purchases, but “you fought the man!”. Pathetic.


Why can't you wear a mask properly? If you don't want to wear it the way it should be worn stay home.

Stores requiring masks don't want you there.

They won't miss your business. They would rather loose a few customers that don't want to wear a mask properly than loose employees or customers who died from the virus.


loose -- example -- when its hot outside i wear "loose" fitting clothing. lose -- example -- i "lose" my tv remote all the time.


I was wearing my mask the way I'm supposed to over my nose over my mouth, she wanted me to wear it over my whole face, it was the fact I was paying with cash that she got up.set because she would have to touch the moneys


Why must customers dig in their heels over something like this when Other customers Want the mask policy to be enforced? What would you tell these customers, OP? How would you act around these customers, OP?


You should see that Many complaints from others on the website Wanting businesses to enforce the mask policy at their stores. Also, there are others who Want the police to enforce the mask policy. So, what would you tell these people?

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