I ordered shutters that were supposed to be here May 1st, so I called today, and they said it was on back order, and nobody contacted me, now I have an extremely upset customer who thinks I'm just not doing her shutters. Very pissed Wtf

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Shipping Service.

Location: Oak Lawn, Illinois

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Are you living under a rock? With the cover virus many companies are either shut down or running on minimal staff.

Does it really surprise you that there might be delays in receiving product?

Your customer is just as bad. Have them choose something that is stocked in the store if they need it done so urgently.


OH I see, so everytime anyone has a cold, they should just be staying home, as they might expose someone. Immunity systems are built by being AROUND germs, not by protecting every ounce of your body by keeping germs away from you.

You might want to help yourself and your immunity system out by studying just exactly what KEEPS you healthy. It's quite interesting how our bodies are made by our Creator to do work WITH germs! Wow, people have bought in to the recommendations without even realizing!

If a person only knew what this is truly doing to themselves, we would be removing the masks and helping us all MORE! BUT, because the United States does have the freedom of speech (so far) I will be gracious to allow you to have your own opinions and views and wish you abundant health!

@Kathy C

Except this isn't the common cold. This is a very serious, infectious, and dangerous virus.

If you get this virus you have over a 6% chance of dying from it. You act like people are wearing masks to avoid the common cold, no they are were it to protect themselves and others from the covid-19. You obviously have no clue about this virus.

Clearly a pro-Trump supporter. But since you believe everything he tells you, maybe drink some bleach to cleanse yourself.

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