Columbus, Ohio
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Menerds is the most *** person to work for in ohio they expect ppl to go in a five oclock in the morning and not be late come on who in the h*** isn`t going to be late!! but anyway the menerds on morse rd in columbus has cheap *** that breaks and they get it cheap and sell it for a h*** of alot to make you broke even the ppl that work do n ot paid alot to put up with the *** there trust me i work there and it sucked *** because you have managers that are *** holes and do not give a *** about *** but there selfes and thats it they will not help you when you need it or they just stand there and look at you like you are a insect or something. Then when you go in there they have a dirctv guy that well not leave you alone about getting directv when it is a piece of *** but i think everyone should go to home depot or lowes because menerds suck a big one and they need to leave OHIO and go somewhere to steal someones money cause they will never get our business there no more!!!!!!

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Honestly you just sound like a bad worker of course you shouldnt be late for any shift no matter how early. It's called being a responsible adult. ,)