Williston, North Dakota

Ruined Christmas, Tonight I started putting record albums in frame' sold for that purpose. Over period of a year I purchased four at a time, as that was all that was in stock. They were stored and not used until today when I started putting old albums in them for gifts, the frame is not deep enough to hold the album and fasten the back on. Before starting I took the wrapping and packing off each one, trusting the albums would go in them.

I think they should make this right, take frames of shelves, and stock one that will hold album.

An unhappy Grandma

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Yeah this shouldnt ruin your Christmas just return them


You should make sure something fits in the frame before you use it.


You must lash out with every limb, like the octopus who plays the drums.




You sound more like a child than a grandmother. This "ruined" your Christmas well think again about what Christmas is really about.

It is about spending time with family. In my neighborhood two children ages 8 and 9 home from school when a car ran a red light and hit them and killed them. This was last year just before the Holiday's. For you claim this ruined your Christmas is just wrong and dramatic.

I agree with your letter but that whole "ruined my Christmas" I just don't buy.

The parents of the eight and nine year old their Christmas and rest of their lives is ruined because they can't spend it with their children. For you to claim this ruined your Christmas is just plain wrong and sick.