Evansville, Indiana

4/20/2012 We are in the market for new house windows. Finding someone to help became a chalenge,I had to hunt someone down for help.

When we finally found someone, he looked up the product on the computer, but lack knowledge in the ability to identify and locate it and did not try to find an associate who could help us. We told him that we were in the market now.

We had to find the windows ourselves in the store ( can u believe that !) plus he was unable to give us a price. YOU JUST MISSED A BIG SALE!

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Sounds like you asked someone who didn't work in that department, and new at that. Next time, whether you're at Menards, Home Depot, Lowes, or WalMart realize there is turnover and if you want an expert opinion ask for an expert.

Maybe that employees child is in the hospital or his mom just died or they don't even work in that department and they're in a hurry to get back to their department to finish for the day and leave after working 12 hours. People are human. Quit being a whiny tool.

If you needed further help ask for a manager instead of taking a no answer shrug off a guy that just worked 12 hours and don't even work in that department. And report problems so we can monitor them.


You sound like a ***.


:( shame on you Menards