Kokomo, Indiana

menards is a great retailer. all of you people making complaints need to seriously check your facts.

if someone is rude that's one thing, but blaming the people who work there for faulty products is completely out of line. they don't get a choice in what comes in to the store. they are there for a paycheck and to help with whatever you need as best they can. they dont have a magic wand to make more inventory poof into existence.

generally its a problem with the manufacturer.the sale ads are printed months in advance and at the time of printing the vendor has promised so much merchandise to the stores. sometimes the vendors make a mistake and the stores end up with not enough inventory. it happens. get over it.

get a life. and to the guy who said they were all 'morans'- its spelled *** you ***

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did you go to school "contractor"? bet you can't even get a job as a garbage man, let alone doing any construction. to "look another GO response", you must be one of the "good" employees that has been fired from menards!


If you didn't work at menards you would be picking up my garbage when u get a letter in the mail saying your special order is in it should all be there happened more than once so I agree


it's pretty easy this blog was wrote by another G.O. dork or a butt kisser in a store.......open your eyes ***


I agree


Well, that seems to be the situation. But I don't want that. And you don't want that.