Banks, Oregon
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Chose $500 in Patriot lights during their Feb sale. At the checkout we were charged the regular price listed on the shelf.

When we challenged the sale price, the supervisor at the O'Fallon, IL store insisted the price we were charged was the sale price. Menards is still selling the lights at that same price. I sent an email message to their customer service and did not even receive an acknowledgement that they received my message. Very poor customer service.

I will never shop their sales again and will only shop there for something I cannot find somewhere else. If I had not needed the lights that day, I would have left them at the store.

Clearly false advertising!

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I have been shopping at Menards for a long time now. Make sure you look at the sign.

It will tell you that the tags reflect the sale price.

Don't worry I made the same mistake. I felt pretty *** when I realized the answer was right in front of my face all along!


What color were the tags on the shelf? Depending on the store regular prices are white or yellow tags.

Any other color is a sale price. If you saw a sign indicating 25% off it would be the same color as the sale tags on the shelf.

As far as the lights still being the same price, you will find some items may run in back to back ads. If the tags are a color other than white or yellow you can peek at the tag behind it to see the regular price.


Let me laugh out loud for a little while before I respond... ok.

You're obviously not very smart.

Sale prices are listed on the shelf. Get a clue.


anonymous poster's are TROLLS.


Ahha, you have been menarded! now just keep to your guns and don't shop there again.


Do you not understand simple English, the $500 price is 25 percent off of their original price of $667. This was explained to you.