Dubuque, Iowa
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I spent over a thousand dollars for a mastercraft patio door. I had the door installed only to find that the rain leaks in around the glass.

Menards apparently don't care, since they already have their payment but, they will give me a complaint form. Mastercraft will not make a move to take care of the problem until they receive the complaint form. Once they get the form, they will send someone out in able two weeks. I just have to mop the floor each time it rains.

This is a good example of two companies that could care less about customers.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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We bought a Mastercraft patio door from menards also for our new house. It leaks so bad the dry wall is wet the tile floor is comming up.

master craft won't send any one out. 5 times so far we had damage.BAD DEAL


Mastercraft is made directly by Mid West Manufacturing owned by John Menard.

The door is a piece of ***.


It isn't Menards fault that the Door Leaks, they did not make the door. You should fill out the complaint form to get the ball rolling towards getting it fixed.

The Company that made the door is the one you need to be mad at, not Menards.

Otherwise enjoy mopping the floor until you come to your senses. :?

@Do The Right Thing

Menards "owns" mastercrap doors! Second one after the first one's frame rotted after 1 year.

Now the gas is out of the glass on the new one.

Can't wait to see how they claim it's my fault again. Don't ever buy one of these doors!


menards also owns master force tools also commonly known as "masturb8" since after 2 minutes of use their done for the night. buyers beware