Fort Dodge, Iowa
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Went into store in Fort Dodge Ia walked around the area where doors are couldn't find a employee. I employee from outside paged a employee to area there was now 3 customers in area waiting to be helped.Ten minutes later still three people waiting to be helped a employee paged people working in area 15 minutes later still no help. Potential customers including myself leaving figuring either were not important enough to recieve help or you dont need my money.Ps me and my wife has 4 rentals and have spent couple thousand dollars in the Fort Dodge store this year already if you don't need my money maybe Lowe's or Home Depot with appreciate it.

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Perhaps I had a call off and was working by myself, perhaps I was explaining to another guest how to bore and mortise a slab door, perhaps I was re-keying a lock for another guest, and so on and so on. Did you, since you are so familiar with Menards (having spent a whole couple thousand dollars), look at the TV screen above my desk?

If you had then you could have lodged a more specific complaint. We do our level best to give EVERY guest sreat service. You each have to realize that for any one of you who complain, hundreds of others have had great experiences and never say a word.

I'm sure Lowe's and Depot will appreciate your money. Have a great day!!!


Wow so now its the customers job to track you down to get assistance. If that's the case those hundreds of others will eventually become smaller and smaller because if they have taken the time to come here they obviously have nothing better to to than to look for you or wait for you.

If I am on a job time and money are being wasted while I lose time searching for someone who should be where I can find them.

Take your time, you obviously don't need the money or the business.


As a typical clueless person you did not comprehend what he wrote. Re-read it....

He clearly was saying he was busy with another customer and you cannot for any reason leave the customer you're already with for another one. Re-keying a lock you ever do that? You have any idea how long it takes? It takes minimum 5 minutes.

What if they wanted 3-4 re-keyed now you're looking at 20 minutes, what if someone pages you over the PA and on your way back to the desk another guest catches you? You can't ignore that guest you have to give them 100% of your attention as long as they demand it. You're in line chill out and wait.

You gone to the DMV lately? Last time I was there I waited for over 90 minutes to do what I needed to do.


What he was saying wasn't it was the guest's job to track down a team member, just that sometimes we do get swamped and take the time nessicary to help the person we are with. Or do you prefer we go find the biggest sale in the building half way through your ticket?


Wow! If you worked for my company I would fire YOU!


How many names were on the screen over the desk? Many times there are only one or 2 people working in a department.

Menards wants its employees to walk customers to the product they ask for (they can get written up if they don't). It could be that the employee you were waiting for took someone up to the front of the store because they asked for a lightbulb they passed as they came in the store.

Once they got to the opposite end of the store they got stopped multiple times on their way back. Too bad employees aren't expected to stay in their areas to help customers it he area they know about.


The "door section" is known as the Millwork department. The Millwork department never has more than 3 people working in it and that would be during the weekends only.

Often it's just 2 employees and on many occasions just 1. It's the least busiest part of the store, so much so the manager normally working in that department is standing back there for hours with out any action. To staff it more would be unprofitable for Menards especially during the winter time which is Menards slowest time of the year. YOU JUST WERE UNLUCKY AND WENT AT A BAD TIME.

I'm sure the one or two people working at the time were already helping someone else and they cannot leave them for you. Also it's very unlikely someone from a different department would be able to help you in that department unless they've previously worked in it.

I will add one more thing, GET OVER YOURSELF. Had nothing to do with your importance and of course Menards doesn't need your Money, it's owned by the richest man in Wisconsin.


That's ok. Home Depot has better stuff anyway.

Their employee's can actually be found and they don't rebate everything under the sun. See it's winter and we would really hate to inconvenience the employee's so the richest man in Wisconsin will probably have to lay one of you off to retain some of that wealth.

What I'm really getting at is that for your customers there should be no "BAD TIME". If they don't buy things or god forbid they should stop showing up; your store will eventually close and you will be able to sit at home and watch as they pass by what used to be the great and powerful Menards and go someplace else.