I am writing this to advise the public with the on going car accidents in Menards parking lot since they have opened. There have been 15 documented T- Bone style accidents prior to November 17, 2017 from the Bazetta Police Dept.

I was involved in one on Nov. 17 making that 16 accidents to date. Menards management team is aware of the safety issues but their corporate office has not done anything to prevent them. The officers on site told me that they had a meeting with their management team to try to reduce the number of incidents but it fell on deaf ears.

Stop signs, turning indicators or any other markings are not posted on the lot. You can not see on coming traffic because of the way the parking lot is striped. Typically islands or striped areas in the lot are marked so you can see traffic in both directions near the end of the isles. The way the lot is striped there are blind spots where you cannot see oncoming traffic (see photos)

I did send a certified letter to Menards back in February and they have not acknowledged it.

The public should be aware of how dangerous their parking lot is. Menards has a corporate responsibility to keep their customers safe in and out of the store; they are definitely aware of this dangerous parking lot but refuse to do anything to make it safer.


Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Parking.

Reason of review: Public Safety.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

I didn't like: Managers not coming out of their office to speak with me.

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Unless Menards actually owned the entire piece of property they are NOT liable. Primary would be the person who hit another vehicle.

Secondary would be the property owner/ management company. Kind of unfair of you to make a knee jerk post without the FULL information. But what can we expect, people like the OP are NOT in it to make something better. They are looking for free money and seek to blame the deepest and easiest pockets to pull from.

Since there is a menards they MUST be the ones responsible for EVERY aspect. From designing the parking lot to the care and upkeep.

It MUST be THIER fault. Smh

to Durpa #1469048

facts are... there have been 16 accidents....

(if not more since my initial post.) Is it unfair for the 16 customers that have been in accidents trying to leave this parking lot that's confusing...

If the local police department met with Menards management team to reduce the number of calls & accidents do you think their may be a problem? I guess they are having a knee jerk reaction.


16 accidents since opening sounds more of an issue with the parking lot. Why would the local police dept.

meet with Menards to discuss and recommend changes if it was just speeding.The park lot & owner liability: A parking lot accident can also result from inappropriate signage or when no sign exits in a dangerous and unmarked area.

The owner and operator of the parking lot bear responsibility for making sure that the lot is properly marked and regularly maintained to ensure safe operation Proper signage such as stop signs, turning indicators and other hazard warnings are mandatory. If a parking lot accident occurs in an unmarked area that the owner should have known required signage, the owner could be found liable for an incident that results.Based on the reviews; Menards not only has horrible service but not concern with customers safety.

to Anonymous #1467842

I've was almost hit in a similar fashion while shopping at this store.Very confusing exiting the store.

to Anonymous #1470001

That's the problem with society today. Everyone is looking for someone else to blame and take responsibility for their actions.

Rather than slowing down at an intersection you blame someone else because you can't see around other cars soon enough to avoid hitting another car because you were driving too fast for the conditions. Let's look at some examples of society bearing the cost of peoples stupidity. Take a look at the screens on your windows. They have a warning on them letting you know they wont keep children from falling out of the window.

Why is it there? Because some idiot let their child play around an open window and convinced some jury that the screen intended to keep insects out didn't keep their child whom they weren't properly supervising fell out the window because the screen didn't protect them. You pay more for a garage door opener because the two safety features already in the openers weren't enough to protect children from parents that let their children play with the openers. They demanded safety eyes at the bottom of the doors.

Rather than being responsible parent and keeping an eye on their children they demanded society bear the cost of their negligence. Let's go back to the good old days where people took responsibility for their own actions rather than blaming everyone else for their stupidity.

to Anonymous #1471244

Stupidity is having a parking lot with a main through way in the middle of it.Stupidity is not to have parking lot stripped with no stop areas signs or markings in the road way.Stupidity is ignoring the police department.Stupidity is ignoring an apparent problem.Responsibility would be to address the safety issues.Responsibility would be to stripe the parking to reduce the number of incidences.Responsibility would be to listen to the police department.Responsibility is to shop at Home Depot & Lowes!

to AN #1471796

Stupidity is pulling into the main through way like you have the right of way without slowing to make sure cars aren't coming. Stupidity is driving in a parking lot at street speeds. Stupidity is expecting society to protect you from your own stupidity.

to AN #1502050

Stupidity is driving at roadway speeds in a parking lot. Just because you have a wide lane crossing the center of the lot doesn't mean you need to drive like you are on the freeway.


Looks like the problem is people just driving too fast in a perking lot.

to Anonymous #1465601

Based on the pictures looks like a blind spot in parking area. “ Premisises Liability” Owner can be held liable for the incident.

to ER #1465834

From what I am seeing is that you are saying the cars at the end of the aisles create a "blind spot". If you can't see around the car at the end of the aisle you should slow down and even stop before proceeding and then slowly move into the traffic lane.

If you t-bome someone you obviously moved into the traffic lane too fast. The problem is people driving too fast in the parking lot, rather than being cautious.


Monetary Loss: $10000.How in the world did you come up with this amount?

to Anonymous #1465564

It called repaired cost.

to Tony #1467909

Repaired cost for What?

to Tony #1467911

So do you have you have detailed bills backing up your claim of Monetary Loss: $10000?

to Anonymous #1468772

It sounds like you must not have a car. Anyone who has ever been in an accident knows the costs add up quick to fix a car/automobile.

Paint alone can run in the $2,000+ range now for color matching. Then the parts to be replaced, bumpers, doors, side panels, airbags if they went off are not cheep. Depending on where the impact was on the car, could need new rims and all that. Then all the internal damage not just the body work for what people see, probably need a radiator, fan, and who knows what else could have been damaged.

Then once it's all back together the alignment to make sure it runs straight is a couple of hundred. $10,000 sound low to me.

to Anonymous #1566425

You wouldn't need doors and a radiator..???

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