Ferndale, Michigan

We drove to the closet Menards Lansing mi. 90 miles round trip and bought two gallons of mixed paint (1-yellow and 1-blue) when we got home we realized they were both yellow.

I called the store and they said no problem bring it back. When I went to the service counter the store manager was behind the counter with the cashier, I mentioned that a 10% discount would be nice because of the extra 90 mile drive. She said "no can do" but the good news is wer'e opening a store about 8 miles from you in about 5 month's so if it ever happened again I would not have to drive as far. She also said, very pleasantly that the Saginaw store would have been a better choice anyway (A 70 mile round trip) needless to say I'm done with Menard's.

She was just puppeting how she was trained by Menard's. I contacted customer Service by e-mail and was told by Uncle Ray, "Feel free to shop Home Depot or Lowe's".


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We love Menards and were happy when they built a store in our area. My husband was thrilled when he found Designer's Image Flat latex wall paint at what he thought was a great price.

I kept telling him that we shouldn't skimp with paint but.... Anyway, we painted a bedroom with this and had to put on three coats. It was thin and drippy, unlike any paint I've ever seen. Now TWO weeks later, it smells like, well, ***.

Now my husband knows we have to use something like Kilz over it and repaint it with a quality paint.

You get what you pay for, but I have not said "I told you so" to him because he feels bad about it. ***.


Do not buy this paint no matter how cheap it is !!!!! Just finished putting second coat on , and it looks terrible !!!!

I have never used such a *** paint in my life !!!

I am going to return the unopened gallons, buy better paint and start over ...I have definatly learned my lesson. Don't buy cheap paint !!!!!


In my 40 years of buying paint in a number of stores including Menards I can't think or a time I had paint mixed that they didn't open the can after they shook it. They will usually put a dab of paint on the can or the color card to make sure it's right. I'm surprised you wouldn't have had your paint checked before you you left the store.


DO NOT BUY THIS PAINT. The quality is terrible but the clerk won't tell you about all of the complaints.


I know this was awhile ago, but I agree with the person below me. The "Designers Image" is the lowest quality paint Menards carries.

With paint products, you definitely get what you pay for. In fact, they recalled the Designers Image for awhile because of a horrible odor.

Hopefully you won't be so cheap and go for "Free After Rebate" paint next time. Just saying :).


Designers Image paint is ***....hense the cheap price tag! Paint is not something you skimp on...spend the $ and get Dutch Boy next time....problem solved!!


To the person w/ the location comment; there are more reasons to choose a home than location to a city. For example; location of job, proximity to family, school district.

FYI...those of us that do live in rural areas benefit from lower property taxes, cost of living isn't that of the "big" city, and nature. As I do agree that 90 miles was quite a trek just for 2 gallons of paint, a genuine apology would have been in order & the manager should have personally taken care of you. Next time I would try a local hardware store. The employees and owners, on a general note, have more experience w/ this field and are personable.

It's nice to walk into "my" local store, be called by my name, asked how my recent project is going, & they always offer advice.

YET another win not to live in the "big" city w/ the loud noise, traffic, higher crime rate, cold people, and higher taxes!! Just a few thoughts!!


we just painted our basement staircase walls with Menards brand of paint. It's flat latex 'designer's image' antique white.

Before it was dry we noticed an awful odor. We've waited 2 days and the smell is just horrible. I finally pegged the smell, and it's dry, stale urine smell. Like you let a homeless person sleep in your staircase.

I'm darn sure going to complain because now I'll have to 'Kilz' the walls and repaint. Yuk.


Yes, we washed, sprayed w/air freshener and vinegar, etc. no help.


paint is worst i have ever seen


Your words have moved me. And I'm not a man easily moved.


Why do you live in the middle of nowhere? I pay more for my house because I live in the city.

Country living has a lot of disadvantages, and the fact that you have to drive far for everything is one of them. Its not up to the store to compensate you.


I go to Menards and they didn't even know how to fix my paint prolbem. Only Home depot I go now!

I go to lowes and they sell me sticky paint. Smells like parkling lot. I go back to complain and they dont listen. Why they waste my time.

Too many people going blaha blabh blah. Dont even listen me do they? I talk to seventeen people. Noone understands.

They afraid to fix misteaks. I talk to paint people. Desk people. Money People.

All People. Noone understands my sticky paint problem. I will call policeman if they dont take the sticky paint off my walls.

No more I go to Lowes. Not even for lawn mower or nails or screw drivers.


So why did you pick the 90 mile store instead of the 70 mile store?!?!


I would like to see that e-mail too. The price must have been pretty good to have drove that far for 2 gallons of paint!!! Nice try but we at Menards have seen it all!


U should post that email That’s hard one to believe .


Mistakes happen. It wouldn't have hurt to read the stickers they put on the cans with the color names on them before you left.

It doesn't seem reasonable that they should compensate someone just because they don't live down the block from them. They can't help it that you live so far away.