Grand Forks, North Dakota
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I went to get my paint re-tinted that Menard's mixed incorrect the other day. What I thought would be like any other paint store a 10 minute in and out experience ended up being 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Not only did it take this long to correct an error I also had 4 different CSRs working on the problem as they would stop mixing my paint and take on another customers paint questions. As I was to take my paint they informed me that they mixed the new batch in a more expensive tint base which was 20% more expensive and they said the cashier should know to price match. I requested for them to note the price match or escort me to the cashier, they did type up a price match sheet which was the 1st win for the store today. Upon going to the cashier not only did she ring up the price match but also the can of paint, failure to read the paperwork.

I had to correct her as well. Why has Menard's became the Walmart of the Home Improvement industry?

Never assume the Menard-tards know what they are doing they are just collecting a paycheck, and it all starts from the top down. Time to go to your roots Menard's.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Training for product knowledge and customer service ability. Help the customer 1st in line then move to the next. .

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I'm affaid it's not just menards company's all over are struggling with lazy dumb workers who had parents then never taught them a work ethic or held them responsible for them actions as much as I'd love to blame this on a corporation it's a American problem beat your kids and make them work or don't complain when the next 19 year old makes a mistake and gives you poor service she was never taught better.


Menards roots was building farm/post frame buildings. If Menards went back to it's roots, you'd have to find someone else to remix your paint because you gave them the wrong color card the first time.


Try working a day in retail and your pompous attitude might change. They were obviously out of the paint you were returning and had to use a different paint.

The person that started helping you needed to get someone authorized to make the exchange for a product other than you brought in. Why would the cashier think the invoice in your hand was for the paint? How often do you think a customer comes to the register with an invoice for a product they have in their hand?

Almost never. A little understanding of how a retail works would go a long way for everyone.