Lansing, Michigan
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I was looking for an employee to ask about Deck Stains and cleaners. 2 people were in an area both with a Blue-ray in their ear,I assumed they both worked for Menards.I said could you help me,neither one said anything.Later he said smartly I was with a customer, rudely.I ask about different stains and deck cleaners he answered back in a smart-*** and with a aditude!!!So I left and went to the check-out .Getting madder as I went.After paying I went by the service desk and ask if she was the Boss, she said No,I said the guy in Paint was a smart-*** and rude.I put down my Menards Credit Card and said you guys can shove this card up your *** and I can shop @ Home Depot or Lowe's from now ON!!!!!!!!!!

James Fauson.

1612 Alpha st.,Lansing, Mi . 48910

Monetary Loss: $100.

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good for you.... now you look *** and ignorant.

And without your credit card.... you are probably still gonna have to pay your bill though... sorry

People get busy get over it. If a guest is there before you dont expect us just to drop everything for you.

First come first serve. The world does not revolve around you, no matter how much you think it does


If you are going to post a complaint please have the smarts to use proper grammar and spelling. It makes you look more ignorant then the employees you were dealing with at Menard's.

Also, I hope you can find some positive in your life instead of negative reviews on the fact you felt mistreated in the store.

More positive and less negative in this world is what we need. Thanks!


They are walking around with video discs in their ears? What are you talking about?


Ok why would u think home depot and lowes or not do the same thing as them??? you need to go to a real paint store. Menards or someone else


Heartless the "service" at menards is the genuine meaning of sad


Attitude is the correct spelling you were not even close, sad.


If you had been nice to the register girl she would have gave you h**d. You must be *** to pass on it


You sure sound like a mature individual. I doubt they are going to miss a person with your attitude.


Classy way to handle it. Take it out on some poor girl behind the service desk that had nothing to do with it. Hope that made you feel like a big man.