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We ordered a couch then we had to go to Green Bay to pay for it then we had to go back to Green Bay to pick it up after we paid for it and rented a trailer to pick it up and paid somebody to help us pick it up. Menards said they were sorry but they sold it On us.

They said there was nothing they could do about it but issue us a refund.

We then found out that you had one in Illinois, one in Iowa and one in Minnesota we asked since they sold it on us and if they could be kind enough to have one brought over they said they could not do that. That they could only issue us a refund we sold our other couch due to the fact we confirm that we were picking up at this couch we are out of couch money for renting a trailer, gas money travel expenses and paying somebody else $25 to help us this is a total cost at our expense of $165 not including any couch and not including the loss of the couch we had which we wouldve kept not knowing that Menards was going to sell our couch that we already paid for and not willing to get us another when there are three of them minimally out there.

User's recommendation: Purchase from someone who cares a company that has integrity! A company that will do the right thing even when nobody’s looking that apparently is not Menards as we thought!

Monetary Loss: $165.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Appleton, Wisconsin

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Yes, there may be 3 in other stores but they would be displays in who knows what condition. By the time it got shipped through their warehouses and to your store the chances of being in a condition you would want are slim.

You are better off taking the refund and purchasing the couch at a furniture store rather that buy from a store that carries furniture as a fill in for a few months a year. If you take a good look at the invoice you paid for the couch on you will see that it says to take your purchase with you and it may not be there if you pick it up later, and they mean that.


We called the store ahead of time to verify count and verify the item was in good condition. Between the time we called and when we arrived at the store they had sold it to someone else? The gentleman "Steve" who we spoke to on the phone we were told was unavailable to talk to in person when we arrived, and staffing became very defensive when we asked for his schedule to question why he didn't label the item on hold for us as we traveled to the store.


Menards doesn't "hold" products. If it is on the floor it goes out the door with the first person to pay for it and take it with them.

You can order and pay for products on line for store pick up and they will put small items in the back once paid for you. Larger items labeled as you pull will not be removed from stock and are available for anyone to purchase and take with them.

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