Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Over the past weekend I was shopping at one of the Milwaukee Wisconsin area menards stores for items I needed for the latest household project. The sales staff was unmotivated seeming more focusing on socializing at the service counters with each other instead of assisting customers in need. When I asked the gentlemen for advice he gave simple replies such as "that possibly might work" "or yea that should work" or with the millennial generation taking over the helm of customer service when I inquired what is the proper way to extract a broken screw he gave me a blank stare and his advice was simply "you know you can always google information like that" to which I politely suggested he google the term "customer service" .

After a few minutes between dealing with "customer no service" and realizing I left a menards rebate check in my vehicle I placed ALL of the merchandise in my hands into an abandoned shopping cart at the aisle adjacent to the registers and proceeded to leave the store. Just after I exit the door a younger gentleman quicky appears and yells "sir" to which I look back. I thought perhaps I knew him through a neighbor or family member but he states he's with menards security and asks me if I know why he's stoping me to which I reply "not a clue". He asks where is the item I had in my hands just prior to exiting the store. I told him I decided not to buy the items due the poor service and also was retrieving a rebate card from my truck and asked if I has his authorization to do so. He tells me he needs me to show him exactly where I left the merchandise in an firm yet professional manner. His "backup" appears out of no where and both look excited as a 7 year old on christmas morning. We return though the checkouts and just beyond the registers in the cart lays the merchandise in such plain view that even Stevie Wonder could have seen it. Immediately both of their demeanors change from overzealous to extremely remorseful and apologize. I request to speak to a store manager and receive business cards from everyone. The store manager is paged to the returns desk and shows up within 2 minutes. We all discuss the situation with everyone of them being overly remorseful for their actions however I was unsure how the situation ever occurred since the item I was holding was roughly the size of a Frisbee so would never fit in a jacket or pants pocket or concealed in any manner. I also stated I did not use the rest room during the visit so was in plain view of the public the whole time. The manager recognized me as a regular customer. Although I may not be a huge customer of theirs I still give John Menard $200 to 600 a month between personal household items and assisting elderly neighbors with repairs. One of the security staff stated the camera appeared to malfunction at the exact second I placed the merchandise in the empty abandoned cart and perhaps jumped the gun in approaching me. Again every one of them was overly remorseful for contacting me which I greatly appreciated when I compare this to other false shoplifting accusations that were posted on here by others stopped by menards security and treated with complete disrespect. The security staff apparently do not carry business cards but are employed though O'brien & associates which appears to be a security company based out of Holmen, Wisconsin. I contacted their phone number only to be transferred by the operator to a voicemail that never called me back. Also since apparently since menards corporate office communicates with the public though e mail only I wrote a detailed letter explaining the situation to the "t", only to get a reply back within a half hour stating "thank you for contacting Menards we are sorry for any inconvenience our staff caused, have a good day "Ray" ". Of course I understand fraud and theft occur on a daily basis at any retail business but stoping customers with empty pockets at the exit could easily backfire on any business.

I am 100% for shame on anyone who defrauds a business though theft however, if you are ever at a menards store and falsely accused of shoplifting remain polite but yet firm and loud, refuse to go anywhere near their "dungeon room" I've read about on here and absolutey make sure you stay within plain view of store's customers since the pubic will make the best witnesses you could ever want should you choose to proceed to a lawsuit against the business / security.

thank you to anyone who may take the time to read about my situation

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Reason of review: overzealous security.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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As an African American electriction and general contractor for home remodels I personally have been a victim of "swb" AKA shopping while black 3 times over the past 7 years at menards stores. All of which were short tempered security and store staff as well.

The most recent was for bringing in an old rusty tape measure with true value label on the side into the store. The clown security man spent 10 minutes trying to find a stock number for my beat up 15 year old tape measure before the store staff told him to "buzz off" and apologized for his actions.

Unfortunately as a minority race you are prejudged as guilty until proven innocent and even after being proven innocent due to common sense you are then are seen as guilty just for the "h" of if. Hopefully someday everyone will be equal.


Could be a troll, however provides very good information on what to do if wrong accused by Menards contracted security or staff. Menards is nuts when it comes to catching "thieves" so much so they will accuse almost anyone then try and detain them with out any real evidence.

Whatever you do do not go with them. Do not sign anything. If they threaten to call the cops insist they do. The cops do not want to go to Menards for a minor shop lifting offense they consider it a waste of time.

If the cop says sign it or go to jail. Say that's fine I will go to jail, but I will be including you in my lawsuit for being wrongfully imprisoned and slandered against.

Then say nothing else besides I want a lawyer. Yes it may take longer time, but if you have any self respect you will take the time to clear your name.