Clinton, Minnesota
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My daughter and I purchased some lights right before Christmas that had a price tag of $36, reg. $59.99.

Well when I got home and went thru my receipts of purchases for the day I noticed I had been charged $59.99. I called immediately and talked the manager on duty and was told there was no sign! Hard for me to prove differently as I live 85 miles away. Nothing was done for me except I got screwed and will not go back to your store!!

Besides I have told several people about this incident. TOO BAD but it is BAD PR for Menards!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

Monetary Loss: $59.

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LOL, here is another mope who thinks that Menards will go out of bussiness because an item was priced wrong, (probably not priced wrong, customer just does not no how to interrupt which item is 36 on the end cap or shelf.) If you have a question then ask or you knew the item was $59.00 and you played the game of lets waste everybody’s time because I’m going to argue that I should get that light for 36 because the sign for a different item right next to the item for 59 says 36. Menards can see right through people like you when you say you live 85 miles away from Menards.

It’s customers like you that aggravate employees and customers when you are arguing at the service desk or tieing up a register line because of your low IQ, because you don’t know how to interpret a sign or we have to participate in playing your game. Surprised you knew how to read the big red letters in front of the store that says MENARDS. Surprised you did not call Home Depot to talk to the manager about your little ordeal. O-right that might be 500 miles away.


And right yes you will shop at Home Depot and never come back. Wa Wa Wa Wa!

@Barney McShafer

They definitely overcharge a lot... We were just overcharged and they had to go back and look at the sign because they did in FACT try to rip us off.

It was supposed to be $3 less for a small item, which isn't much, but every little bit adds up, especially when it keeps happening.

That small amount also adds up for him when so many people don't notice or care to fix it and that's exactly why they do it, because they can. They try to squeeze every little bit they can out of us, just so they can get richer.


I work retail part-time and prices change almost on a daily basis. With so much merchandise in the store it's impossible to know the exact prices of everything.

When I'm ringing a sale I always ask the customer BEFORE I charge or take any kind of check or cash if the totals are correct.. That way if it's NOT I can easily correct the problem for the customer. In most stores cashiers are just that cashiers they only work in the front ringing up customers. So, they don't always know the prices of all the merchandise that is sold.

If you were unsatissfied with the customer service then return the lights and get your money back. You wouldn't had to return to the store to get a price adjustment anyway. In most circumstances you can't just get a credit over the phone. Where I work- we have signs all over the place.... AND if we run out of a particular item on sale we'll have something similar take it's place for the same "sale" price.

However, in being a good consumer is to always check your receipt BEFORE you leave.....

Good luck


Incredible. You "didn't notice" $24 (not counting tax) of your own by not using your brain then blame Menards. Absolutely incredible.


you didn't notice the humongous price difference right away? how *** are you?

i think you deserve to lose your money like that.

and who the *** drives 85 miles to a store? get a life.