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went to new Menards store grand opening. found a fire extinguisher i was needing for $39.77.

was charged $49.95 plus tax. went back to the isle i got it in to make sure i wasn't mistaken on the price. an employee named Ken helped me and took the sticker displayed with the item back up front to a manager. they offered to refund the overcharge but acted like they were doing me a huge favor by letting me have it at the original price.

I was not getting it cheaper, you are not doing me a huge favor by letting me buy it for the original price! it was just their attitude, nothing said about sorry for the inconvenience or it was our mistake. i asked to just get my money back and they can keep their fire extinguisher.

went to Lowes and got the same thing for $39, no hassles. lesson learned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Will not shop there anymore, going to Lowes or Home Depot.

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Most likely Ken the employee was a local resident who was hired on when the store opened as a new employee and tried his best to provide proper customer service like he most likely did as his previous employer. The front end manager was most likely an "imported" employee by cooperate office based on their angry self centered demeanor.

What typically happens in a situation like this at menards is the front end employee calls an employee in the department and have them quickly yank down the price tag before the customer comes back to explain the situation. The next step instead of taking liability for forgetting to pull down a expired price tag or misprint they instead accuse the customer of switching prices tags to defraud the store. Basically what it comes down to at menards is staff is trained to prejudge everyone as guilty until proven innocent and profile everyone as a 3 time felon.

Just look at the rude angry demeanor "mr shark nasty" expresses on here when a customer is frustrated with poor customer service at menards. Take you wallet to a business that appreciates your business.

@Mister Customer

Yes blame Menards because you can't read a date. Customer service isn't defined as giving things away.

Being in business isn't defined as being nice.

Menards, Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Best buy, Toys R Us, Kohl's, Target, Kmart, Sears, it is completely irrelevant what the name on the front of the building says in business you gotta be 'shark nasty' to be successful if you can't figure out how to be 'shark nasty' as a consumer you will also never be successful. Besides all the money goes to the same place anyway might as well get it at the cheapest prices.