On Friday 04/30 I shopped at the Menard's store at 8110 W. Brown Deer Road, Milwaukee WI My purchase of 35.95 was posted to my credit card three times.

Check out time was 7:30 pm. The card reader kept prompting me to re insert my card which was of concern to me. I even said. to the very nice associate "I hope I was not charged each time".

She assured me that I was not.

I can only assume that the card reader is defective.This is very disturbing and definitely unacceptable. Please correct this error immediately.

Frances Lusk


Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Give it a few days. At this point you are more than likely looking at pending chargers.

It usually takes a few days for a charge to actually post to your account. You will more than likely find that only one charge actually posts to your account.


Print out your credit card statement indicating 3 charges back to back for the same amount then go back to the store and ask to speak to store management. They will issue refund for the 2 overcharges and hopefully they will have a discussion with front end management how the issue occurred.


They will only issue refunds. If transaction are completed.

Otherwise, when making a purchase with a card, an electronic 1st packet is sent to verify available funds. But the charge stays a pending charge, until the 2nd packet is received by the bank.

If no 2nd packet is received with 48hours. The bank knows the transaction wasn't completed and they return the money, as the bank holds that money until they get the 2nd packet


The money being withheld from the account available funds is 3 times greater than the customer intended directly due an error of the retailer. Instead of the available balance on the account being reduced by $35.95, it was reduced by $107.85 again due to an error directly caused by the staffing or the computer system owned and operated by the retailer themself.

The over-deduction of $71.90 could cause a pending credit card payment to bounce, or leave the customer without funds to fill the fuel tank on their car if they carry a low balance in that account.

Again, print out the 3 times overcharge to the account and have a face to face discussion with the menards store management. Its also very likely the employees were running a scam and pocketing the $71.90 difference since their register would still balance at the end of the shift and hoping the overcharges would blend in with all your other transactions on the card instead of you as the customer noticing the error.


If the overchages were due to an employee scam, as long as the employee is 19 and plays soccer she will be fine.

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