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Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy

i recently was charged an item left on the receipt in which I never bought , after noticing it I told the cashier in which she had no idea where it came from. Then had to go to customer service to try and get a refund, your overring refund system is so inconvenient to customers.

I had to return an item off of what I purchased in order to put credit back on my debit card, and then had to pay an additional 5.00 in order to make the transaction turn out and received change I have no idea how the cashier thinks this is a wash for my over charge but hoped she knew what she was doing. Your policy of a refund is not customer friendly and then for a return you make it as store credit. I live almost 2 hours from a menard store, Do you think convenient for an out of town customer?

Retail stores are wondering why we use so much online ordering and free shipping from companies like Amazon. Can you see why now???

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Menards Cons: Refund policy.

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Most companies nowadays are closely controlled by corporate, who make most of the decisions. So your complaint is with their Corporate Headquarters.

Send their Corporate Headquarters a letter explaining your complaint. Their contact information is found online.


No, this was just a cashier that didn't want to alert a supervisor to the fact that they made a mistake and needed to have a transaction voided.


That's not how it works. Transactions dont just void and magically disappear. That's not how anything ever works.


Sounds like a poorly trained cashier. They should have contacted the head cashier who could have voided the transaction and re-rang your purchase.You shouldn't have had to go to the returns counter for a refund.


Transactions dont just void and magically disappear. You sound like a poorly trained employee.

@Poor training

Sounds like you know nothing about retail and how computerized cash registers work. Yes, a head cashier can post void a transaction and is eliminated.

Then the proper items are re-rung. Much quicker than going to the returns counter where they have to enter each item as a return and re-ring the products.


No it doesn't. 10 years at Menards.

Smart little girl.

If they dont have enough money on their card they are screwed because again no it doesn't just magically disappear. Check your facts before you start spouting off at the mouth spreading propaganda.

@Terribly trained employee

Sorry, I trump your 10 years and can tell you the transaction could have easily been post voided by a head cashier and properly rung.


Lack of intelligence Leading people in ignorance