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We went to Menard East in Wichita, Ks Saturday the 12th of December.

Made our purchase of $274.07. When checking out cashier said my debit only only covered $200.00 so I used my MasterCard for the remaining $74.07. OK!!?? On Monday the 14th we checked our bank statement online and saw Menards charged our account the full $274.07.

We looked at our MasterCard account, it was charged the $74.07.

This is where it gets so stupid, I became a pissed off consumer! All the while the Menards store denied any wrong doing.

Well, somehow Menards deposited $247.07 back to my bank account ,and get this, withdrew $200.00 out! How the *** does that work?

I just can't believe the ineptitude of these people!

So! $200.00 plus $74.00 seems to cover my bill except they only put $247.07 instead of$274.07. I understand they may have just transposed the 74 to 47 but but to deny any wrongdoing in this mess,that they caused in the first place, just *** me off to no end! What's really bad is that after I figured all this out and called to speak with General Manager of this Menards store and he said it was a bank problem and then hung up on me!

Can you help?

Location: Gypsum, Kansas

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Use one form of payment and you wouldn't have this problem.


What a rude comment. The use of 2 payment methods is not an uncommon occurance.

People use the rebate certificates and cash, or the certificate and a debit or credit card.

The point is this person was overcharged. Maybe if you have the same happen to you, you will just forget about it, huh?

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