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On Saturday, April 10th I did an online order for cedar fencing. I ordered several Items with part shipping from the Midway store and for some reason part was going to be shipped direct from Menards in Eau Claire.

I did not notice the $228 delivery fee for this part of my shipment when I placed the order. Starting on Sunday April 11th, I talked to the Midway store four times to get the order cancelled. I was told since the order was picked up for delivery on Monday April 12th there was nothing they could do to stop the order. When I talked to the store manager (Justin or Jason) he told me there was nothing he could to help.

I told him I wanted to report this to his boss or someone higher up in management. I told him it was okay to call me back. He called me back a few hours later and said there was nothing Menards could do since the order was already with a third party. I asked for who he contacted and he said could not share this information with me and he refused to give me his boss name or who he contacted.

He made it sound like all he did was send an email to customer service.

Meanwhile my order was sitting in Eau Claire until approximately Wednesday (14th). Then the order was sent to south Chicago. It did not reach my home until Tuesday, April 20th.

Considering that this was not a major order and it was readily available in the Midway store, the $228 delivery fee was outrageous. Also since this was small (6 feet by about 5 feet) it was clearly not the only order on the truck.

I would assume there were several orders on that truck. I am asking for a refund of $228.

over the last two months I received a notice they referred this to the right group but I have not received replies after several requests for updates..

User's recommendation: be careful.

Monetary Loss: $228.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Menards Pros: Distance from my home.

Menards Cons: Can not trust.

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This should be a good learning opportunity. Closely review any order your are placing on the internet before hitting the final place order button. It's not like they added delivery charges after you placed the order.

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