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I keep stellar records and have over 14 rebates that show processed on Menard's web site, yet have not received one penny from them. Once in a blue moon I get one mailed to me but more often than not I do not We have several rebates that show were issued but we never received them.

This is not just one or two we have over 14 of them. I have talked to many people who say the same.

some samples rebate 6717 bar code ending 9304 rebate 6847 bar code ending 9301 rebate 6497 bar code ending 9303 rebate 6717 bar code ending 9304 rebate 6887 bar code ending 9300 rebate 5186 bar code ending 9308 rebate 6717 bar code ending 9304 rebate 5066 bar code ending 9302 I also must say giving a cash back rebate on a post card instead of an envelope seems to be the perfect out for Menard's all they have to say is maybe some one is taking them from your mail box. Well my mailbox is quite secure so unless the post man is pocketing them that excuse does not hold water.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I agree website says they issued a check for 125.00i never received it!


The mailman does steal them. In March of 2018 a mailman in Mankato, MN was charged with 14 felony counts for stealing Menards rebates. So, yes, they do get stolen from the mail.


I have one out there too for over $150.00.If anyone knows what a rebate looks like it would be very easy to take it and use it.They need to issue them to the person like a check.


It's been about 5 months for me and I have not received my $467 rebate. I checked online and it said it has been issued. Is there a way to resolve this?


Home Depot does matching of 11% from Menards and you can do it online not by mail


I have on outstanding rebate. Never received either after 8 weeks.


Long time menards customer who was mislead and screwed by the 11 percent rebate promo.

Apparently the 11 rules vary form each period to period and good luck dealing with the rebate agent.

you need to be a lawyer just to keep up. Really tells you how and what Menards values! not customers.

Best bet is to just shop elsewhere Home Depot Lowes and fleet farm are excellent to deal with .

Menards just hides and dodges customer who try to get what they have committed and promised.

But I always have a way of get to back what I am owed ;) sometimes when you screw a customer it costs you ten fold ;)

@greedy Menards4u

I totally agree with u didnt get a one of my rebates its been over 8 months contacting these people is to no avail... does anybody else think this anonymous person that keeps replying works for menards why so anonymous it seems as though your rediculing people that have had true problems with menards if not stop being so anonymous


Common denominator..?

99 percent of ppl have gotten all their rebates(guess off of the fact there isn't millions of complaints on here about it).

Sounds like a personal problem.

Definition of insanity....look it up


I have to agree. If people weren't getting their rebates the promotion wouldn't be as popular as it is. If it were a scam you can bet that the attorney generals from the states Menards operates in would have shut it down by now.


No personal prob. I’ve got 3 Rebates mailed...haven’t received anything.

Been 3 months.

Where did get your 99% from. That’s a fictitious number for sure!!


I’ve sent 3 rebates....not received anything. Been 3 months.

Where did you get your fictitious number of 99%. Sounds personal?


In 2013 a postal worker from Superior WI, stole over 1,000$ worth of rebates from his mail route, if you have 14 rebates up in the air you should probably contact Menards, the police, and your local post office.


I feel your pain. I have had rebates that have made it to me with another rebate stuck to it for someone else.

They feel a bit thicker, but if someone were to not pay close attention I can see how they are missed. I do agree they need to change how they handle the rebates. Fleet Farm will do a 10% rebate once in a while and that is on a special gift card they have just for this promotion and the nice part, they give it to you right at the register during the check out process. You can take the current purchase out to your vehicle and go right back in and use it right away.

Also when in the stores to use these post card rebates, I have never been asked to show an ID to make sure the correct person is using it.

They get you thinking you will save with these rebates but they end up costing more. Pretty sure they could start the gift card thing cheaper than mailing postcards.