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Went to order some hex bolts online, y'know, because of COVID-19. Two 22 count bags of bolts, one bag of washers, and one bag of hex-nuts -- a total of just over $9 worth of merchandise in four small bags.

The processing fee was $9.80, plus $16 in shipping, which was split for some reason between two delivery services.

So I figured I'd pick up in store, maybe it's worth the risk?

The processing fee was still almost $6.

Who is paying this?

It would literally take two minutes to pull these items from the shelf and leave them at the service desk.

Oh, and through all of this, back and forth between my cart and the checkout options, the website continually deleted items in my cart, only for them to reappear after I had re-added them, then disappear, then re-appear. Terribly annoying.

User's recommendation: NEVER ORDER ONLINE.

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It’s a scam and lets bet if anything: the store employee NEVER receives this bogus surcharge as well! In addition, the Menards website sometimes gives you no other choice but this bogus corporate-funding surcharge!

They’ll charge you crazy $$ for this surcharge for a low-priced item too! Can you say Ridiculous Corp-scam?!


Menards wants the customer to pay a surcharge for an employee on company time to perform the job they were hired for.


The employees are there to assist customers in the store. If you want someone to pull your products for you, expect to pay for it at Menards.

This both discourages people from buying this way and makes up for some of the profits they loose when you don't shop in the store.

If you aren't shopping in the store you miss all the impulse items they have on the end caps and around the registers. Very few people shop at Menards without buying something they didn't come in for, even if it's a candy bar or pack of gum.

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