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First let me start saying Im not pissed off but trying to get some feed back on Your stock since i emailed before and I just get automated email answers! Just need to know if On the Trains Hobby Section Of O scale buildings You will restock back some popular items out of stock now !?

The Morton Salt Factory !? O scale ? The Watkings City Block O scale ? Model Power World Express Logistic Center !?

In O scale ! Steam Engine Workshop burn down! o scale just got ant to know if You will restock them ! As a suggestion for future products I will definitely tried to focus on some iconic historical buildings from famous cities like NYC skyscrapers Empire State small 1/160 scale about 4 feet higth with adding optional floors !

A bigger more close to scale *** Bridge version !! Chrysler skyscraper and other iconic downtown buildings in reduce sacale for background layouts will be super popular !? Famous train stations !! Grand Central Station !

Washington DC Station etc ! If You can get a realistic O scale track with ballast included but better than Lionel on detail and price With a good selection of curves ?! You will sale huge amounts! At his point people can only get Over expensive Lionel , Atlas or GARGRAVES more affordable but with expensive Ross switches $!?

If You produce a more affordable and realistic 3 rail O scale track with ballast for the many people that dont want to expend the time and money in the expensive only

Avalable options now ! You will take over the market in tracks !! Everybody needs track ! And last You are know for affordable and pretty realistic products !

Please explore Your possibilities to expand Your rolling stock to passenger cars ! And Engines ! Doesnt have to be completely scale but close enough and detail enough that will open a real competitive market to the now very limited options !

The Hobby is pretty much alive but most people and new guns are gravitating around value and quality versus over engineered high ticket exclusive Collection models ! Thanks r

Location: Amsterdam, New York

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