La Porte, Indiana
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I recently bought the above chain saw, filled it with the proper mixture of gas and oil, and, lo and behold, it wouldn't start. So I tried to return it.

and guess what? Menards return policy prohibits the return of any gas opdrated equipment that has, or has had gas and oil in it!! Wait...What? How do you know if it works if you don't put gas and oil in it??

And if you do put gas and oil in it, and it doesn't work, you've just purchased a very expensive paper weight! Over a week, three trips to Menards, and now they want me to take it to an authorized service center, who tells me it's a pos and I should've spent a lot more money to buy the more expensive brand HE carries!! Now we're approaching two weeks and I don't have ANY firewood cut for winter. suck!!

Third largest?? By hook or by crook!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Well you could have taken it to the service center and got it fixed. You might have had to pay at the time but the product would have a warranty and you would be refunded.

Then you could have cut the wood for winter.


This is entirely your fault. Any time you make a purchase like this it is your responsibility to find out the warranty, return etc.

information first. No retailer is going to be held liable for gas powered equipment that has had gas or oil in it.

People are *** and put regular gas in 2 stroke engines, don't fill up the oil, etc.


Most retailers will not accept returns on tools that have had gas/oil in them. For one thing, it's a safety issue.

I suspect the policy is primarily due to people buying it, using it for the one job they needed it for, and returning it.

When it comes to tools like this, it pays to be friendly with neighbors and family. Among four homeowners, we need just one of each thing and can then afford to get better equipment that will last longer.


Just check out the signs at the service desk as you enter the store and around the gas powered products and as well as your receipt. They make it pretty clear they won't take gas powered products back once you put gas in them.

The manufacture warranty is for repair, not replacement and these products have to go to a service center if there is a problem with them. If you didn't like the policy you shouldn't have made the purchase or returned it before you put gas in it. Go to a Stihl dealer where you will pay more.

The dealer I bought mine from put gas in it, went over how to start it and made sure it ran before it left the store. It all makes the extra price worthwhile.


Perhaps you should read the warranty info that came with it and contact the manufacturer as it must still be under warranty. The manufacturer is responsible for repairs, etc.

while under warranty, not Menards. In the meantime, buy a Stihl or Husqvarna.