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If I was you I would think about ordering it from a different store...

Ordered some indoor/outdoor carpeting on 6/13 at Menards in Johnson Creek, WI

Went to pick it up two days later, 6/15, and was told it had not been cut as of yet....then I was told that there was not enuff carpet left for my order and a roll was back ordered!

Went again on 6/20 after receiving a call from the flooring salesperson who originally took our order stating it was in now for pickup. Turns out they had the last name correct but another with a different first name their order was there but not ours!

On 6/27 I tried again seeing I was in the area and spent 15min waiting for the workers to locate our order. Once found I was told that it was put in another area as it had just been cut.

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So what exactly is the issue?