Grand Rapids, Michigan
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I ordered a refrigerator on-line, however, I did go in the store and talk with a sales person. They misinformed me about getting a rebate and 12 mo financing together( I found out later it is one or the other.) They say delivery is $49.99 and they don't tell you that is one guy and a truck ($59.99 gets you two people if you don't assume two are included) .

For the base price, you can lift it yourself or get a friend. It is in small print in the delivery order, which you should read over as a legal contract . The warranty is an out-source company and not involved with the store, even though is represented as "WE will fix this and that." The store took my complaints as if I was mixed up and misunderstood every aspect of the purchase. I did order the color I wanted on-line and that makes it a foreign object in their store.

I've bought other appliances, cars, property and an education without any misunderstandings.

Who knew a refrigerator was such a headache to purchase and get delivered.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $539.

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So what exactly was your problem? It seems to me that the only problem was that you didnt read over the fine print.

Of course you should always do that.

Also, Menardsdoes have many products must be special odered if you want a certain color. Dont get mad because they didn't have exactly what you wanted.