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Received a e-mail yesterday 10-2-18said order was delivered to store, called to make sure, couldnt find it, said they must have taken it off at another store that split the truck. Now its the next day and I'm getting the run a round.

Said email doesnt always mean it was shipped thats bs, i worked in shipping you check what comes in or goes out.

I've waited 3 weeks for my order. How can you misplace mobile home skirting, its 12ft long

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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When a truck from the Menards distribution center arrives at the store the bill of lading number is entered in the computer. All items attached to the bill of lading are received.

If there were special order items an e-mail would be sent at that time. The materials on the truck are then put away. At no time do they check to verify the items on the bill of lading are actually there. Over the years they determined that the amount of payroll dollars spent checking in products wasn't justified by the small amount of errors they found.

There are times that a pallet gets slipped into the wrong bay and go to a different store or gets loaded onto a wrong truck.

Other times when they are putting product away in the store it gets put in a wrong bin causing the situation you are encountering. Sure they will re-order it for you but they won't be willing to spend any of that money they saved on payroll in giving you any sort of compensation for the delay in your project.


I know that could happen, but you would think by now someone should have found it. Its 12ft long someone has to see it.

I just wish someone would call me back. We were hoping to get this done before the weather changes


If you haven't gotten one of the general managers involved, do so. If they haven't found your steel at the store ask them to e-mail their distribution center and see if it is still there buy chance.

They should have an answer within 24 hours.

If it can't be found either have them re-order it or get a refund and go elsewhere. Yes, you'd think something that big would be easy to spot but there is a lot of long length material in their yards.


It's been put in a special order rack outside in the lumber yard. But it doesn't have any markings on it as to what it is or who it was ordered for.

It will sit there for a few days and if you don't pick it up it gets put into the normal store stock to be sold. Basically, Menard's has determined that it costs them to much in labor to hire someone competent enough, or to have someone take the time, to mark special orders so people can find them. Go to the contractor desk, ask them where the yard special order bin is, go to it, look at whats there, and figure out for yourself what is yours.

And next time order through a locally owned store that can actually follow through with the complete process. You may pay 5-10% more for it but.....


After talking to 3 or 4 people and waiting for someone to call me back, I called and asked to speak to the manager. After telling him again what happened he said he'd make a call and try to find it, and he called me back in less than a half hour, he found my order at the avondale store. Yea