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I ordered a gazebo online, and within 5 mins I tried too cancel, I was told it was too late it was already on the truck, trying to deal with menards customer service is a nightmare, first of all you can not talk to a human, you have to email them, and each time got different cs rep and had to type my problem I got 7 different cs rep, each telling me a different story, just thinking maybe if you could SPEAK with someone that wouldn't happen. I will never deal with menards again. They really don't have a very good customer service, they really needs to train their people, or they will lose customers

Monetary Loss: $950.

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I worked at Menards for years and you're right! The problem starts with leadership at Menards, they have none!

They hire individuals with zero leadership skills and just promote them all the way to the top if they do enough c0cKsuuccklng. There training system is horrible and there is zero communication between departments and the general office. They push all the good workers out because they actually stand for something. Menards wants robots who just do as they told regardless if it's ethical or not.

That's why they hire young and dvmb, they're easy to manipulate and brainwash. If don't klss@ss you will be the odd man out very quickly. Doesn't matter if you have perfect attendance, know your stuff and stay busy even when it's slow. All that matters is if management likes you or not.

That all goes back to their hiring process of managers and training in general. Let me tell you a little secret nobody who works at Menards is happy. They hate it, they talk about it every day how much they hate it.

At least my store was that way. The GM is a brainwashed fool and thinks he is living the dream, well perhaps he is, but everyone of his department managers can't wait for the day they get out of there.


Get a life. Sounds like you sucked a your job...


All you have to do it take in the paper work you should of printed out after you paid into the store and they can refund your purchase for you. There might be a restock fee if it's something they don't carry in stock at their store but there is no reason for you to call anyone.