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I ordered a exterior door. I took off the door to have it installed and when the man goes to pick it up everything is not there and they make us pick the restock fee.

I'm pissed. Double pissed.

Menards Pros: Prices, Variety and the prices.

Menards Cons: Loss of money due poor product.

Location: 12701 Middlebelt Rd, Livonia, MI 48150

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What do you mean that everything wasn't there? Was something missing that was ordered or did you fail to order everything you needed?

If items that were ordered were missing they would re-order them for you.

The only reason you would be charged a re-stock charge is if you returned an item you special ordered. Tell the whole story.


It's Menards, they don't need reasons. They will throw a $100,000 a year customer out the door to save $35.


Sorry, stores just don't stay in business taking anything back without question. Even companies like LL Bean have changed their return policies due to customer abuse.


I dont care how much Menards make. I missed a day of work because of this mess up. $75 is the restock fee that they should have paid.


I ordered everything the customer service person told me I needed. I don't do doors for a living so I rely on the experts. I was told I didn't need 2 things and I didn't order based on what Menards told me.


What are the things that weren't ordered?


There's your mistake right there...now tell me...if you were an "expert" would you work for 9.25/hr??

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