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I placed an on-line order for store pickup. When placing the order I saw nothing mentioned about a processing fee.

Today I was looking to see how the store pickup worked as I had not used it in the past.

In so doing I noticed that a $4.20 process fee was tagged onto my order that totaled $37...that is over 11% which means my rebate is really zero. I think this is crazy.

User's recommendation: When reviewing your order be very diligent to see what you are being charged.

Monetary Loss: $4.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 13956 South Bell Road, Homer Glen, IL 60491

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Here’s an idea. Take your lazy butt to the store, grab a cart, load said product in your cart, and pay at the register. It clearly states the will be a processing fee on Menards.com.


My lazy butt has two arthritic knees and walks with a cane. I am pretty observant but did not see the processing fee note you refer to.

I think there should be a popup when you request store pickup to reiterate that fact. I didn't see the fee until I received notification that the order was ready for pickup. I understand that certain businesses will charge for services that others do not. I think $4.20 for a $34 order is over the top.

P.S. Being nasty is not necessary.

@Kathleen K Oho

If you pay attention when you check out you will see the taxes and service charges added to the total before you pay.

@Kathleen K Oho

Here we go, you want someone to do your shopping for you because you have 2 arthritic knees and use a cain, but don’t want to pay for the service. Sympathy police where are you? Please go elsewhere to shop if you want to complain about $4.


Here's a better idea, vote with your wallet and take your business to wal mart, lowes, target, home depot or any other retailer that doesn't charge you add on fees. Imagine a store that charges you a fee for staffing on company time to preform the job they were hired to do????

Thats like a grocery store adding a surchage fee for having the deli clerk serve you, or a dine in fee at a restaurant, or a fee for the ups driver to walk to your front door. When retailers play games such as this, vote with your wallet and watch them follow in the footsteps of kmart, shopko, sears, toys r us, bon ton, payless shoes, circuit city and couple dozen retailers that went under due to poor customer service


You would probably scream at a blind, mute woman to hear already!


The processing fee is to pay someone to go through the store and get your products for you. If you don't want to pay someone to do your shopping you are free to go in the store and get the products off the shelf yourself.


Why should I pay a surcharge for an employee to preform the job they were hired to do while on company time?? I suppose I should pay a parking fee as well while shopping?

Target, Wal Mart, lowes, home depot, tjmax, and local stores all provide curbside carryout without fees.

Now that menards has been slowly but surely raising prices to offset the " rebate" menards charges the same or higher prices then other stores. Sorry John Menards but my wallet has left your building.


Menards hires employees to stock the shelves and sell products to the customers shopping in their stores. Online orders keep these employees from doing those things when they are pulling products that an in store customer would pull themselves.

They also loose the chance to sell additional items that the customer might need to complete the project which would save the customer time and add profits to the sale for Menards.

Seems reasonable that a store would charge a service fee for doing something a customer could do themselves. No one is being forced to shop at Menards, feel free to go elsewhere if you don't want to pay the fee.


" Online orders keep these employees from doing those things when they are pulling products that an in store customer would pull themselves." Again the store staffing on company time is pulling stock to sell to paying customers. Just because the paying customer requests to have the merchandise brought to the door instead of the disabled or ill customer having to play hide and seek in a 100,000 store doesn't mean they need to be insulted by store staffing.

Every other big box retailer, most Independent stores, and most restaurants are more then willing assist a customer with a online or call in "curbside pick up". Menards is the only business that charges a surcharge for the staffing on company time to provide this courtesy.

"No one is being forced to shop at Menards, feel free to go elsewhere if you don't want to pay the fee.". If 2 gas stations across the street from eachother have gas for $2.99 per gallon but 1 charged a $2.50 service fee per use, guess which gas station 95% of the public is going to use?????

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