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This 11% off rebate is only to get you in the door and give them more business. Its pretty much a quick and grab store.

You think your saving money.

But you're really not. It takes forever to get the rebate check and Im sure you have to used it in a time frame.

User's recommendation: The have decent pricing, but you can save else where despite the rebate.

Location: Rochester, Minnesota

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The 11% rebate has been running continuously since March now. If they weren't counting on the majority of their customers not to bother sending in a rebate form they would have just dropped their prices by 11% and saved everyone a lot of hassle.

Be aware that Home Depot matches their rebates at their stores in markets where the compete with Menards.

Home Depot offers a simple on-line submission and is quicker to get your rebate to you than Menards. Check their rebate form though as they do have a few restrictions.

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