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I was satisfied with the Capitsl One report but was told no customer service number.I was having an issue with ordering online.My Menards card I was not able to be used as it is closed however my debit or credit card was not working.It stated every time for 2 hrs off a d on that the address I would be using would not be able to be used.All I wanted was to purchase something not charge anything as I had a debit card.When calling the store I was told I could not purchase on the phone because of security reasons.I totally understand that but was told she did not have a customer phone number to assist me.She was busy at the register all day.I get during these hard times it is tough but I spend hundreds of dollars at Menards and just wanted help.A phone call back after she wasnt busy would have been really appreciated.

User's recommendation: My recommendations would be if you have an issue or need a little extra help you are in trouble.

Location: Mauston, Wisconsin

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Menards stores are not able to help you with on-line orders and their on-line shopping doesn't have a phone number. You must contact them through the help section of their website.

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