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I would like to say that both my husband and I frequent the Battle Creek Menards for our housing needs and are there just about every weekend for something. On Sunday, August 28, 2011, we found a chair on sale for $159.00. When I found someone to inquire about the chair I was told that they no longer have this chair in stock and I could purchase the floor model. Well that's fine if you sell the floor model, but since it is the floor model I asked if I would receive a discount since many previous customers/children have sat in the chair and utilized the mechanism to lift the foot rest. The assistant stated she didn't think so, but if I wanted her to, she would ask the manager but it was highly unlikely. I asked if she could check for us. When she returned she stated that the manager stated they would not reduce the price because the chair had not been on the floor for very long. Well, because I frequent the store, I know it was there for at least a month and several individuals/children have sat in, and tried out the chair. I must say that I am extremely disappointed with both of the service and the attitude regarding a potential sale. I am also disappointed in the manager for not coming over to talk with us regarding the possibility of another store close by having the chair, but that was not even brought up. The associate basically told us as she walked by, and kept walking. We left the store completly discusted and unhappy with this type of treatment and because I feel we were basically being made to feel as we were an interruption for even asking if we would receive a discount for a chair that was on display for over a month.

This is the first letter of complaint I have ever written regarding service that I have received. This simply was not what I expected as a customer trying to purchase something. If this is a policy of the store, we respect that decision but we were not informed of anything other than no, it hasn't been on the floor that long.

Colleen Wright

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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So the chair was for sale for $159 you say. Okay here we go, I'm going to quote you so you best understand.

"Just because the chair was on clearance doesn't mean a person should pay the same price for the floor model as they would a new one in the box."

Okay, so in this quote we see that you think the sale price of an unadvertised discontinued model is the same as a brand new chair. Well, you're wrong.

That chair is probably retailed at right around $200 MSRP. So if the chair were in stock and WITH A SALE on it would be $179 there abouts. So you're already getting the chair for $20 less than it would be on sale.

First thing to understand here:

It's already being discounted for the reason you're asking them to discount it further.

Second thing to understand:

In order for a store to profit on the sale of merchandise they have to sell it above a certain price. Usually items that are discontinued fall into the category of "cutting it close" already.

So if they are required to make at least a 30% profit on an item that cost 100 dollars to purchase from a manufacturer. They have to sell it for AT LEAST 130 dollars. Obviously making a 100% profit on it would be great. Sometimes the product gets discontinued though, and when it does you have to settle for a 59% (discontinued) profit instead of 100% (no sale) or even the 79% price (sale).

Hope this helps.


if the chair was clearanced it means its at its lowest price and is sold as is,could also mean you might not find any may not have gotten the best service ok but you cant expect the manager to stop helping someone else just to say no to you and then you would have wanted to argue and still bargain..


I don't understand why everyone responding to this has to be so rude about it. This is a forum for upset consumers and if any of you actually read what she wrote and her response, she felt that the associate wasn't very helpful.

It wasn't just all about the price. Menard strives to be known for great guest service and the associate could have been more helpful by giving an explanation. I'm sure they were not getting any more in stock either.

So if she would have done her job correctly instead of giving her a half a**ed answer while walking away, maybe the customer wouldn't be so unhappy.

But all of you act like she's the worst person ever for expecting some common courtesy.


you asked an employee for help, you got help and you're still not happy with the service? You think the manager has nothing better to do than stop what she/he is doing to come say "no" to you? Arrogant C-words like you don't deserve good service, you are no more important than any other customer in any other store, in spite of what your delusional fat *** thinks.


OK, I am not going to be rude, but why should there be a price break? It sounds like the chair was already marked down.

True, people may have sat in it, but you have the option to inspect it to see if it was damaged at all. If you where to clean it, how would you do it. Take it to a proffesional cleaner or do it yourself. As far as the customer service is concerened, the sales accossiat did ask his/her manager.

Did you ask for the manager to see you. No you asked the accossiat to ask them. Was the manager busy with another customer? So many questions, but fast to jump and start complaining.

Don't like the price, don't buy it. simple


If you don't like the price, don't buy it.


I pretty much agree with everyone on here. You're just an ***.

If everyone is saying it, it must be true. I got out of retail because I was tired of *** like you. If you don't like the price, then don't buy it.

I wouldn't have came and talked to you either, if my employee who I hired and is a representative of me told you no, then there is no use in me going and talking to you when I'm not budging on my answer. Its the last one left because we sold a ton of the chair, so I'm sure we'll sell one more.


The customer is not always right, matter of fact most the time they're some of the dumbest people I've ever met. They come into my store and stomp their feet. They think they know how our store works and believe we should just do whatever they want because they're the customer.


My managers work 12 hours a day dealing with people like you. They get sick and tired of you moronic people thinking you deserve something that you don't because you're the customer. You act like we are forcing you to buy it, if you don't like the price DON'T BUY IT. Someone else will trust me and they will be so glad they got one for that price.

All our floor models are exactly the same as the ones that come out of the box. They all have the same warranty, the same maker, the same price. Simply cause it's on the floor for you to look at does not devalue it. If that was the case it would make no sense for us to ever put anything on display, we would lose thousands of dollars. I could go on and on, but your brain is too small to comprehend any of this.


I work for Menards.

It's standard policy not to give a price reduction on displays or floor models. Even less likely to get a discount when its already on special, because the item is already marked down to be sold and we are barely making any money on it.

The only time my managers make an expectation to this policy is if you can prove its damaged in someway.

I put together all the recliners and or patio furniture we sell, all require some assembly ranging from 10 to well over 60 minutes.

You're just being a child about this whole thing. Someone will come along and be happy they got the last one. It will sell at that price why should we discount it anymore for someone like you?


Just because the chair was on clearance doesn't mean a person should pay the same price for the floor model as they would a new one in the box. As far as labor, really, it comes in two sections labor isn't the issue.

My issue is the service received. Because the chair was a floor model, it would have needed to be cleaned. No it wasn't in glass, but there were several individuals that sat in the chair, so it's considered used as stated by someone else. Every person who wanted to sit in it did.

Kids were playing with the recliner arm, why would anyone pay the same price as those who received a new chair pay? My major complaint is how the situation was handled. The manager nor the clerk mentioned another store where there may be another chair we could go get,or even offerd to make a simple call to find out. It was more the attitude and the lack of service that is offensive to us than the chair.

Let's face it people a chair that sells for $159.00 isn't expected to be the best quality. But the point is, it doesn't matter what you purchase, it's the way one is treated. Even the majority of the responses here seem to reflect that everyone is out to get something for nothing.

Not the case folks, this is more about how to treat one another with some respect, thanks for proving my point. :grin


I think you will find the price was a clearance price and the store wasn't making any money as it was. If you didn't feel the chair was worth the price posted don't buy it, someone else will.


Oh - I didn't know that customer service meant price break. Basically thats where the person is upset.

They didn't get the deal they wanted so that was poor customer service. Was haggling over price and not getting it for the price you want poor customer service?

I don't think so! I would say poor customer service would be ignoring the customer like they weren't even there.


The point is, other people have sat in the chair, and used the chair. It's basically like buying it from a second hand store.

Why do people get the chair for brand new for the same price, but she has to take a used floor model at the EXACT same price.

And I dont know about you, but I have never in my life seen where you have to put together a reclining chair yourself, so I dont think she saved on labor. I'd be pretty upset too, and I dont think she is even that mad she didnt get the floor model chair for less; it seems to be the customer service that seems to have disappointed her the most.


I suppose you save labor on having it built for ya. That's not a bad deal.


You can inspect the display correct? Was it behind a glass case? If something is wrong I would also want a discount, but if the chair is in good working order whats the point?