Saint Joseph, Missouri
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I had to have a water heater, called local store, they said they had one and it was on sale and in stock.I live out of town and its christmas eve day, so I make the trip and again I am disappointed, they dont have it, so I have to buy a more expensive one with a little more wattage that I could of done without for the extra 79.00.Had this same problem on a shower tub a few months ago, that just came on sale and they were out of stock!!!To top it off, I get up front, check out and there is two courtesy helpers standing with a woman waiting on her husband watching me try to wheel this water heater out alone.

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People don't understand! If something goes out of stock what do you expect team member to do, pull the product out of their ***?


;) :upset :? :roll :grin 8) :sigh :zzz :upset :cry :( :x


:zzz :upset :eek


Items go fast when they're on sale, especially with bigger items like water heaters where there may only be 5-10 of them. And don't be afraid to ASK for help.


fella had half his spine removed so he could suck his own ***


Not all courtesy helpers are bad. I used to be one.

I helped everyone who needed it.

The problem is there are *** workers at every place of business. I have never been to any stor or resturant where I haven't seen at least one person not doing their job, or doing a *** job.


did you even ask the courtesy helpers for assistance? they aren't clairvoyant, and can't tell if you need help or not if you don't say anything. this should be common knowledge.