Elgin, Illinois

Been shopping in this location Barrington rd and Irving park road ever since they moved from down the street, I went to buy few items especially bird feeder and bird seeds was interested in . I start to bird watching few months ago per my doctors

order due to severe depression , last year I bought a small bird book to learn what kind of feeders I would need and food that day on March 13 2015 I brought my book with me to look up information on my way out I paid for my purchase and as soon as I left the store some man from India look like a homeless person asked me if he could ask me a question about my book I thought he saw me with my book at the bird section and was interested about some birds well at the costumer counter he start asking about my book where I got it from and the next thing he's asking the girl at the counter to see how many books are in some inventory I got soooo upset and humiliated people are looking at me like I did something wrong anyway he kept touching my book finally I keep telling him it's my book and you are not going to take it from me because it's mine finally I took my book from him and told him and the service girl that what this man wants from me she really did say anything so I left

When I got home I realize that he maybe thought I took the book from the store

This Is Unacceptable!!!! For This Kind Of Behavior and the girl from costumer service should of stop this herresment from this worker right away. I told her I will never never

shop from Menards again I've been a regular costumer for years and years

and this type of behavior from employee is nod acceptable!!!!!

I guess Home Depot is going to be my new Home.

Reason of review: Poor judgment .

Preferred solution: Train employees till now don't know why he called me back to the store and keep asking me about my book?.

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Ignorant consumers are rampant in the USA, you are one of them. Menards has every right to question you about the book.

Next time don't be an ignorant consumer! Either get a sticker from the front desk or at the very least write your name somewhere on the book or go to the extreme and keep your receipt in the book!!!!!!

Menards are trying to protect their interests!!! What if you were holding a rummage sale and you were selling a bird book, next thing you know you see this individual leaving with the same exact bird book would you just ignore it assuming that it was his?


They sell bird books at Menards. I expect a security person saw you looking at the book in the bird food section and noticed you put it in your purse.

It's not unreasonable that they might question if it had been paid for. They checked inventory to see if any were missing. Anytime you walk into a store with a product they sell it is a good idea to stop at the registers or service desk and let someone know your are bringing that item into the store. You should be thankful that Menards has people looking for possible theft.

Keep in mind that the cost of stolen goods are only passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices.

Their check on inventory levels showed no missing product and they let you go on your way. Sounds like they handled the situation exactly as it should have been handled.