I've been buying stuff there a long time and then spend a lot there, and I just was a little irritated about not getting my rewards and whoever answered the phone didn't know what where talking about and if I had heck of a time getting transferred where I needed 2 be and get out hung up on and well anyhow I end up with talking to a lady in Davenport and she took down my information I only have gotten $116 reward on one card and I think I know who the guilty culprit is still on twenty-six hundred and some dollars. This year alone it's the lady that picks up my mail I'm disabled well she has permission to pick up my mail but not spend everything and do like she wishes I mean I didn't know that then she calls her daughter and involves her in it and while she didn't know it wasn't hers so anyhow is my ex is one is picking up my mail now the post office does not let anybody pick it up without my permission now I have to call him and tell him somebody's on the way because I have a post office box, so I don't know what to do about it, I told her you're actually stealing from Menard well they'll probably give looking at some prison time with all the Thousand you've been stealing from me, I don't know I don't fight with her never have we didn't invite when we got divorced but do as whatever needs to be done her name is Sharon Trausch she lives in Lehigh Iowa that's where she lives anyhow the post office would know who it is if you talk to them where she lives is kitty corner from it, she's been digging *** for years and got a gambling and smoking and everything well I don't want to live that way that's why we got divorced well I just got told to the other day I don't have cancer I got one of the VA machine that causes cancer sleep atmachines got my new sleep app machine, but I still can't drive because some of the medication that I'm on makes me dizzy, and I can pass out from the overproduction of red blood cells so anyhow I can't take care of it. Somebody else house to I don't know whether you're caught stealing from me or stealing from you, but my daughter's husband worked at Menard and said that they prosecute the people that do that nice of jail time needs to prison time well I can argue one way or the other, but that's most of the story anyhow, and I'm not in a fight with Menard I just don't like getting hung up on well I don't know who it was, so I'm not, and I'm not mad thank you

Location: Dickinson, North Dakota

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