Valparaiso, Indiana
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*%#!-poor customer service.

I had a customer that needed additional oak trim and I found the correct profile at Menards.

I needed 10 footers and eight footers and I did not want to haul 16 footers. I asked a store employee if they offer to cut the 16 footers in half. he said "We don't offer custom cutting" I told him I just wanted them cut in half and I would take all of the cut pieces. He then said: "we'll do that in our woodshop for one dollar per cut". I laughed at him and left.

I will never step foot into a Menards store again!

Monetary Loss: $15.

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The mouldings are sold in even foot lengths 8 thru 16'. Seems like you would have just purchased the 8 and 10' lengths you needed rather than having someone cut 16' footers that someone might need.

My guess is you didn't even look at the 8' bin that is located below the 10-16' lengths. Now that they stock the various lengths they do there should be no need for cutting.


I understand some of you saying not blame customer service and employee for bad company policy. but 1- some employees are *** and some are very helpful, so are some customers (not just in menards but other places too so you can't expect every customer to be nice to you), 2- this is your job and reason why you are getting paid (you need to respect customers despite their attitute, money they spend pays for your wage and reason you have a job in this bad economy), 3- service you provide should be equal to every customer (you can't deny a service or have difference service charge just because you don't like their race, sex, religion, oh yes attitude too. see point no 2), 4- and most importantly customer is always right (this doesn't mean s/he is always right but it means you have to treat it as such, as long as its reasonable, Its part of GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE.), 5- if you are a fortunate customer, who got free service or charged good services, doesn't meant you have right to object other customers complain.(remember you are a customer too and at some point you will face a bad customer service)

Back to the main post. 1$/ cut is way overpriced at 2008 and even now at 2014. I know its kinda late for the respond to the post (but my respond is mostly for employees of menards that have responded to this post.) $14 a trim per customer does make a big difference, big enough for shop to close down. thats how sears and k-marts are running out of business.

I have been to menards 7 or 8 times. i have been racially profiled, told i can't do this and that, denied some services, (not all employe are like that few are very helpful and few are rotten apples), when this happens i always smile at them and say have a good day and leave. despite menards being 6 min drive from my place, i drive 20 or 25 min to home depot for every thing i need that can't be found in farm and fleet or walmart.

website is titled menards.pissedconsumer not menards.employee-***-bout-customers.


I love how everyone blames the employee. I work in sales and a *** attitude gets you no where.

I don't care if its my job or not.. Be a *** and you don't get ***. Go shop somewhere else.

Like your $14 in trim is going to make a difference. :cry


I was at Lowes yesterday and they would not cut a 12 footer in 3rds (4'). The employee said it was too big


its always free at Lowe's. Just sayin


Had to be your attitude, went to Menard's this evening, purchased two 2x3x8's, asked for them to cut them into 4-38" pieces. They did it at no extra charge.

I was polite to the employee and it was taken care of. No complaints!

If it would have cost extra, it would have been fine. It took less time than if I would have done it myself!


I object...


Does anyone else carry their saw with them when they go shopping? (hmm....

wallet... check.....cell phone.... check .....

*** saw ...... check ...."Ok honey, i'll be back in an hour!)



Sitting here reviewing all the responses as a netural person. BUT hey what is going on here. Is menards that bad, they need to pay there employees better, by the responses it seems that they hire poor educated people. I rarely shop at Menards, I noticed this website and was curious,

I see that there a lot of Menards employees responding, is head office that slow they are paying staff to respond. It seems they follow the one out of ten rule, out of ten customers you only lose one to poor service.

I guess the word on the street is true, that Menards is the Kmart of home improvement. Froom wood to food, "do you want milk with that door?" .

Menards are you losing market share that now as you are dying you are getting pissed off at consumers?.

Humans make mistakes but to correct your mistakes is graceful.

Well thank goodness there is Lowes and Home depot.

Smart shoppers becareful, an informed consumer is a cost saving consumer.


There should be 8' lenghts in stock. If they were out of 8' lenghts they should have offered to cut 16' pieces to 8' at no charge. It is unfortunate that you encountered someone who wasn't aware of proper procedures.


it's not the customer service you're mad at, its the policy. that employee didn't deserve your rudeness.

should probably go back and apologize, ya j3rk.

first cut is free, everything else is a dollar.

i know you don't get paid worth *** at your job, but don't get mad at menards for it. maybe bring a saw next time.


Labor costs money,sawblades cost money. It's a service,just like getting your oil changed or getting your haircut.

Grow up,nothing's free in this world. They're not supposed to cut the moulding at all so it was nice of them to even offer.

You can always buy or bring in a cheap miter box and saw and cut it yourself-probably would have been cheaper than your time and gas to drive somewhere else and start all over again. But you're so smart you proabaly thought of that,right?