New Knoxville, Ohio

Our city's Chamber of Commerce issues certificates to purchase items from local businesses of which there are quite a few on the list. As a Christmas gift from our children we were given $150 worth of certificates to make a purchase and we chose Menards.

We are so pleased with the selection and quality of merchandise offered at the local store and delightfully selected some nice sale items to purchase with the certificates, but while in the checkout lane we were given the bad news that Menards does not honor them. That was so disappointing to think that such a nice store would not cooperate with the local Chamber.

I think it was offensive and insulting and I wish I had not entered that store. Please explain to me why there is no Menard participation.

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quit being a whiny little ***


not menards problem... maybe YOU should have checked where the certificates were valid.


What were these so called "certificates"