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We had a rather large order....roofing material. The associate who sold us the material said we qualified for 48 month no finance charge if we opened up a charge big card.

Long story short...I got the bill with a $13.00 interest charge. The person at the return desk told us the assistant manager would take care of us. He was waiting for us at the service desk. He would refund the interest charge and they could give us 24 month interest free.

We got to the service desk and he wasn't there. The girl there told us something completely different and the assistant manager told us something even different. He walked by several times and couldn't even make eye contact. Only thing they would do is give us 6 month interest free.

This was the second problem we had over this sale. Walked out of Menards...will NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Menards Pros: Total store.

Menards Cons: Refund policy, Service, Store manager attitude.

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Iv been there there are huge banners everywhere pushing there card and that computer you apply at has a sticker right on the front you go to some of these sites to see if other people are have the same issues and all I see is a bunch of idiots who refused to pay attention. Good job amazed you even made it to the store or found the door ahh you proboly looked at the signs saying entrance.


Thanks ya ***. Thank God I have GPS! I had no reason not to believe the associate when she said it was a "special promotion" in addition to the regular promotion.


If you look at the promotional material around the store you would se that you have 3 options. A 2% rebate on your annual purchases, 6 moths of interest free financing or 48 months to pay at 3.99%.

You are given the choice as you check out.

Sound like you took the 48 month option which sure beats their standard rate of 24.99%. Any time you purchase with credit it is a good idea to read the details of the account before you sign.


We were told by the associate they were RUNNING A SPECIAL PROMOTION, open a charge card and get it INTEREST FREE for 48 months as we were spending $4,000.00. I don't know what signs say they as I pay cash and would have had I known the associate didn't know what she was talking about.


Ok great that doesn't mean they have to automatically what that *** told you they would do. They cannot just change everything at the drop of a hat.

*** happens people are wrong. All the time people are wrong.

Trust no one. Meet me in the matrix when you are ready.