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Was not able to 15% off with in the bag offer the items that were on sale fish food could of easily fit it a bag ., I was purchasing 4 at 3.99 .when I when to check out my 21 order escalates to 53 dollars with the added other fee . So sadden

User's recommendation: Maybe.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Menards Cons: Hard to contact the online store, Fake rebates program, Customer service stinks.

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Were you trying to place an. order on-line?

First of all they have outrageous shipping and handling charges for on-line orders. Second, the bag sale is good in-store only and doesn't apply to on-line orders.


Your post makes no sense. Fish food?

21 order? It is like a second grader wrote the post.


The complaint is regarding the “processing fee “ per item for menards online orders that significantly inflated prices. This fee is for an employee on company time to preform the job they were hired to do.

Also they will not apply the 15% bag discount for online orders dispute all the items purchased being small physical sizes. Between exclusion of the bag discount and add on fees you are making it very difficult for disabled and elderly customers to process online orders.


No way did a $21 online order for store pickup end up costing $53.

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