Indianapolis, Indiana

Dear Rebate international

I am a consumer that bought several things the day after Thanksgiving 11/25/11 at the Menards in Columbus Indiana store. I have submitted my 2 rebates to the Elk Mound WI address as I was instructed on the form. I have not heard one word about the rebates nor receive my money. My envelope had my return address info on it and I never received it back. Please see attached copy of the sale transaction and the rebate forms. I mailed in my original forms and the sale transaction per the rebate, so I only have a copy. I would like my rebates…I did what I was instructed to do.

I did not have any problems in 2010 with my rebates at Menards. I did with a few others stores in 2010 and it was a fight to get the money. I am very worried that this is a scam for stores to start using. In 2010 the rebate form had a phone number to reach if any problems or questions. This year there is no information to contact regards to the rebate. I had to called the store…all they could tell me is the website. Again I feel that this a way to keep my hard working money and false advertising. A copy of this letter will be to Angie's List and BBB in my community as well as your corperate office

You can reach me anytime on my cell phone. I would appreciate the rebate that I requested back in November 2011 and a time frame to expect it in the mail. Thank you for your promptness in this matter.

Concern Consumer,


Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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Don't feel bad Michelle. I have had problems with Menards rebates for a few years.

Usually the higher end rebates, go figure.

Have to keep receipts and bug them (Rebates International).

Surprisingly they find the info shortly after being notified. Isn't that interesting.


after sending in $40.00 dollars in rebates I have not received any funds from menards to date my attemps to resolve this at the store

& this web site have proved fruitless. I will not shop at menards & countinue to discourage all my clients form doing so till this is resolved.


I also am a former team member. While what the previous poster commented is true about it being the same company you also need to understand that just because they are owned by the same company doesn't mean that some employee at the store can just pull up any info at Rebates International.

All the "Midwest" companies are also owned by Menards and Countertops Inc is too.

You need to mail a copy of your reciept and a letter explaining what happened to Elk Mound and they will send you your rebate if it's due to you. This has happened to me several times and I alway got my rebate.


Thank you to the previous poster on here for pointing out facts that should of been in my mind in plain view. I was a menards customer for years but being from Ohio never considered the elk mound address to be in the next door city to menards headquarters as well as menards is rebates international rebates only customer. I feel like a total blonde to realize id walked their dance steps for years


I hate to be the bearer of bad news but as a former menards employee I need to call their bluff but the 2 companies are actually one. "rebates international" is just a fictional company invented by John Menard to allow staff to pass the buck for customer service.

First the mail address for rebates international is Elk Mound Wisconsin which is a tiny hick town within a stones throw of Eau Claire Wisconsin. The huge 4 level office building on the rebates international website does not exist in elk mound which again is a 1000 population farm hick village. Second consider a "international" company with only one customer which happens to be menards. There is absolutly no company other then menards that rebates internal provides customer service for according to the web site.

Third Menards and Rebates internal work together to the T reguarding what is bought, returned, exchanged, on rebate, not on rebates ETC. Fouth Rebates international uses menards lingo such as team member, sorry slip and the classic merchadise credit check. Also note the referernce reciepts are copys of menards reciepts.

These 2 companies sure work hand in hand well for a company thats "international" Bottom line is any menards employee who states rebates internation is a serperate company IS just full of hot air. Ask then then why is menards their only customer and why is the mailing address for a "international" company just a PO box at a small town within a stones throw of Eau Claire and watch the employees face turn red as you call the bluff


You should actually WRITE this to Rebate International, not write it on Pissed Consumer. Rebate International will not see it on here, so I don't really know why you put it here in the first place