Doylestown, Pennsylvania

I purchased a tool from another Menards which happened to be in another county, when I returned it in my county, the tax was a whole % different. When I brought this to the sales reps attention, I was told there was nothing that can be done.

If I wanted my correct FULL refund I would have to drive to the other Menards! Are you kidding me, what kind of nonsense is this. Now Menards is keeping the consumers hard earned MONEY!! It should NOT matter where I returned the product, the associate needs to adjust the sales tax accordingly to what I PAID!

Nothing LESS! As do ALL other stores I shop at. When did Menards decide to start ripping the consumer?

Cause I have returned from each of these stores with no problems before. Shame on you MENARDS!!!

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This is not just a Menards thing, all stores do this. It's just how it is.


You got a FULL refund for the price of the product Menards sold you. Sales taxes are charged and refunded based on the place of purchase. If you had purchased the product where you returned it and returned it where you purchased it and got more tax back I bet you wouldn't be posting here complaining Menards gave you more money back.


Marty is 100% spot on. And as for your inane comment about all other stores......what did they do when you did a cross county return.....should have been no different


Thanks for the laugh. Your issue is with the county not Menards. Or umm you could return it where you bought it at, just a thought.