Saint Cloud, Minnesota
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I have been rebating with Menards for years and recently several of my rebates are less than they should be, in one case half of the amount they should have been. What's the deal and how can I collect on the amount owed to me?

I purcased a case of 10 bird suet with a $4.00 rebate. I received $2.00 On the same date I purchased batteries with a $4.00 rebate and received a $2.00 rebate

Recently I purchased 2 tomato/strawberry planters at $9.99 each, with a $5.00 rbate on each. My rebate was $8.00. I do lot of shopping at Menards and take advantage of many rebates

,maybe I need to shop elsewhere

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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The whole rebate thing is a rip off as far as I'm concerned.


usually there is a limit of x amount per household...which may be why they were cut in half. and if thats the case, make copies before you send it in. and if it happens again take it to the general manager


They know that you will keep shopping there regardless of what strings they pull. Whether or not they are right depends on you.