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The money is good that’s for sure. I worked with them for year & half.

I made $220k delivering local. Reason I quit the new manager came in & didn’t want to work with me. So he would try to run me 7 days a week even if there is only 1 delivery he would setup in the middle of the do my whole day gets screwed. When I try to talk to him he showed me the contract.

So I walked away & lost 20k in bonus which you’ll get at the January of every year for the gross amount of the delivery you make.

If anyone is hard worker & don’t mind running or can have good manager this is a good opportunity. I still have the masterlift if anyone thinking about it to buy it.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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As you found there are good managers and bad managers at Menards. Unfortunately you will find there are fewer good managers than there are bad.

There is little training for a management position and most of the managers have gained their attitudes towards management by watching their managers due to Menards promotion from within policy.

As far as the Masterlift truck goes, it's ok for deliveries for a lot of area to move in but doesn't compare to a donkey lift. Unfortunately Menards like to require that you buy one of their Masterlift trucks.