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I bought a YS-400 Yard Sport UTV from Menard's. They were made on a contract run by a company in Carrollton, Texas, just 4 blocks from where I used to live. I had a few problems but Menard's did work them out (with a little prodding). I wanted a "Certificate of Origin" which is not required in Ohio but might be if I were to sell it to someone in another State. I got one after 3 weeks of "prodding." I also didn't get an Owner's manual with it. After research the factory in TX said that they ran out and there would be no more and sent me a .pdf file. Well, I wasn't going to spend the money (paper and ink) to print out this big manual so I went to Menard's and they printed it out for me.

One of the three mechanical problems I've had were a faulty fuel quantity indication. Called the factory in Texas and they sent me (no charge) a new fuel sending unit. I'm an aircraft mechanic so it wasn't hard for me to install but someone else might have had to find a service center.

Another is only annoying. When shifting to Forward, I have to hold the lever all the way up until I have driven 10 feet or so and then it "clicks in." If I don't do this, it will hop out of gear. It can likely be adjusted to not need this but I haven't gotten the time to do it yet.

Lastly, one one the support cables on the bed door came loose. The crimp connector was not crimped correctly. I replaced it with another and that's fixed.

While this is called a YARD Sport UTV, as it is 4WD and has aggressive tread tires, I tried it out in the woods on my rural property. With me and my (German Shepherd) dog in the front seat we went 4-wheelin' and it did surprisingly well. Crossing a double stream-bed with 1 foot high banks it just went right across, up and over. The dog had a great time until we did finally get stuck on a bent-over 2" tree I tried to mow down. Took out the hatchet; chopped it down and we were free but the 'skeeters were taking a toll so we went back the way we came. As we had blazed a trail; through waist-high brush it was easy to follow back.

It isn't quite as woods-rugged as a sit-astride ATV but it's more than just a "drive around your yard" golf cart. I'm really happy with mine and, since I bought mine during a Menard's 11% rebate sale, I got a *** rebate card ($550) to spend on stuff (chainsaw, water cooler, tools, etc.) in the store.

For me it was a good purchase.

P.S: I also mounted a 6,000 lb winch (front) on it and put a shotgun rack and fire extinguisher on, too.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

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What is the phone number to the manufacture in Texas? I need a electrical diagram.


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